Judge Anime by its Cover - Fall 2017


Welcome to the first episode of GeekNights Judges Anime by its Cover!

We used to host this panel every year at Anime Boston, but now we are making it a quarterly video show. Armed with nothing more than the title, studio, a short description, and a small preview image, we will let you know which TV anime coming out next season are worth watching, and which ones should be avoided at all costs.

We honestly don't know much about these new anime and are judging them based on almost nothing, so be sure to post lots of hate comments! We want to hear all about everything we got wrong.

And when this season is over, be sure to come back and let us know how right or wrong we were about these shows. Our track record in the past has been really good, but we are sure to have more misses when we take more shots.

Special thanks to Anime Boston for letting us get this started in the first place. It's really a fantastic convention. Any anime fan in the Northeastern US should definitely attend.

Anime Boston

And of course none of this would be even remotely possible without the excellent web site AniChart.net. They organize all this information so well every single season.


See you in the Winter!

3-Gatsu no Lion (March Comes in Like a Lion) is a fantastic and realistic view of depression with a Pro Shougi flavor, I highly highly recommend it.

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Kino’s Journey had a talking motorcycle. The new one is based on the same character. Kino is a girl but dresses and refers to herself as a boy. I remember really enjoying the series. Each episode is a one shot deal. There wasn’t any over arching storyline. You guys should check out one of the old Kino episodes all you need to do is watch one to see if you will like it.

Shokigeki no Soma does have loads of fanservice wrapped in foodgasm visuals, so YMMV. It is fun and actually knows a shit ton about cooking and flavor pairings.


Kekkai Sensen (the manga) is by Yasuhiro Nightow; the first anime season was directed by Rie Matsumoto, and was pretty good.

Ancient Magus Bride and Houseki no Kuni are excellent manga with excellent art.

Kekkai Sensen was bizarro action anime, all for more of it, but honestly don’t think much of it.

Shokugeki no Soma is actually way closer to your naruto/bleach/one-piece but about cooking.

Black Clover I’ll give a shot.

Inuyashiki sounds up my alley.

So much trash.

Before watching Yuuka Yuna watch Madoka, then don’t watch Yuuki Yuna because it’s a bad Madoka wannabe.

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