It's Handegg Season

Oh Boy

In response, many of the anti-vax players are still not getting vaccinated. There’s insinuations some may retire. Here is a mostly-correct take.

I say mostly correct because they failed to use the most obvious example, which was 1987. The NFLPA went on strike and scabs (aka replacement players) came right in. People still watched football. The union crumbled after a few weeks. The league has had the upper hand on that union ever since. NFLPA weakest union in US pro sports by far.

They absolutely give no shits whatsoever about which, or how many, players leave the league. Every big name star could retire and they wouldn’t blink.

It has begun:

Well, The History of the Atlanta Falcons by Jon Bois and Alex Rubenstein has been completed.

Just absolutely amazing stuff. The final episode in particular which is mostly about THAT superbowl is both incredibly frustrating and beautiful that it is just something to marvel at. The whole documentary series clocks in at almost 10 hours so it takes a while, but it is more than worth it.

MNF on ESPN2 with the Manning Bros and then Russell Wilson all 3 giving QB thoughts. SIGN ME THE FUCK UP. This is a change that needs to stay.

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I haven’t watched a Romo game in a while, is he still pre-calling plays?

Yep. Also

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Pure goodness right there.

We really deserved a tie.

What a day for kicking. Going into yesterday, the record for longest field goal was 64 yards, held by Matt Prater. He lined up for this 68 yarder at the end of the first half, and, well, I’ll let Gus Johnson have the call:

Later in the day, Justin Tucker lined up for this 66 yarder to win the game. He’s kicking from fully behind the Lion at midfield.

And then this. Aaron Rodgers gets the ball with 37 seconds and no timeouts. “We drew that play up in the dirt on Friday.”

Speaking of which,

Jason Wilde of The Athletic notes there is a combined 1:44 on the clock in those 4 shots.

We got another trash fire on our hands.

Where are the teams that just really have their shit together? Even teams that had it together at some point in the past seem to eventually fall into disarray.

Steelers, Pats, Packers (current #12 fiasco notwithstanding)?

I guess the ownership of the Packers is always solid.

As expected. :clown_face:

The winner of the Chargers-Raiders game today gets in the playoffs, loser goes home.

OR, if they tie, both teams get in. Obviously I’m rooting for them to both kneel out the entire game.

But also they’re in the same division. Imagine the Giants taking a tie against the Eagles in week 17, to let the Eagles in the playoffs. Fuck that, I’d rather go down in flames than the Packers hand the Bears a playoff spot.

Just wow.

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