Mega Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality

Big hype on Blades in the Dark and Lancer being there.

It’s over nine thou 1,600 games now. If you played one every day, that’s more than 4 years’ worth.

It’s over 1,600 pieces of content, though not all games. There are many books and comics in there too, plus at least one poetry collection.

Yup, and DLC/supplements are attached separately. A lot of these are short or single sitting VNs, lots of great stuff that usually goes under the radar.

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I just want to bulk download it all.

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I know this feeling, but you actually don’t.

First of all, the bulk download would be basically impossible to browse or navigate in any way.

Second of all, a LOT of the stuff in the bundle are things that you probably don’t actually want. I’m seeing a lot of pixel art sprite libraries that people can use to make games, presumably with tools like RPG Maker. That’s great if you’re planning to do some game dev. Not so great if you’re not.

Third, while you might have the storage for it, that’s a lot of transfer for to pay for. If everyone starts a bulk download, that’s going to be a huge headache for them in bandwidth. Just downloading only what you’re going to use will save them a ton.

They are, fortunately, working on having a button to tie it all to your account’s library. From which you can use their app to sort and download what you want to play.

I actually do.

  1. Windows has built in search and if they included the same listing page they have online it would be trivial to find exactly what you want.
  2. I actually really want all the asset libraries more than the games because sprites and visuals for games and stuff make great visuals for gaming themed videos.
  3. They could do what Humble Bundle does and make a bulk download available as a torrent.

The other day I played “Tiny Dangerous Dungeons”

I’m 99% sure I saw the game previously at a PAX indie mega/mini-booth. It’s a Metroidvania that has the original GameBoy aesthetic. It’s a very short game. You collect four keys, four items, and beat one boss. There are also some hidden optional health powerus. You will beat it in one sitting.

Despite being so short, it is very very good. Like eating a tiny amount of extremely delicious chocolate. It won’t fill your stomach, but you will be very happy. Even though the game is so small, the game that exists is extremely polished. Controls are very tight. The map, rooms, and enemies are expertly arranged. I’m now looking to play other games made by the same creator(s).


I’d suggest Total Party Kill, small puzzle platformer, which is like Lost Vikings, but with killing your teammates. I played it on my phone so the experience wasn’t optimal, but was still great fun.

There is also Super Dangerous Dungeons, which is similar platforming to Tiny Dangerous Dungeons, but instead of metroidvania, it’s more lineal stage based game.

It’s like Trials Evolution crossed with Ikaruga

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A couple stylish games

Jumpgrid is like Shapes and Beats on rails. It’s got some truly brainmelting patterns in the second half. An important point of notice is in the options there is both “less flashing lights” and a game speed option. I had to drop it down to 25% to get through.
Lyne is a zen puzzle game. Connect all like-colored blocks, lines can’t intersect. Junction blocks allow multiple pass throughs but also must be used an exact number of times. It’s also got procedurally generated daily puzzle sets.

Celeste is in the bundle. I’ll finally get to play it!

Blades in the Dark, I’ve heard of that one! I can read the rules even if I never play it.

Oh… 308 pages. Well.

Honestly, give it a brief glance. Don’t gotta read the whole thing, but the aesthetic and setting really jives with me and the rules are both light enough to be easy to memorize and use but also robust enough to fit any given situation really well.

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Blades in the Dark is fantastic. And while the GM should read most of the book, the players don’t need to.

BitD can be explain in one session, and even then the rules to play can fit in one cheat sheet.

Though it does make the GM’s role a lot easier if you skim the book.