Inheritance Larp

Does anyone know where I can get a pdf copy of the Inheritance Larp? I hear that some exist but I haven’t been able to find any place to purchase one.

It’s not for purchase. A Print & Play version was included if you bought the physical version of the game.

We’ve been trying to mention it less in panels and lectures, because honestly this keeps happening. I have one copy of it personally, but it’s hard to get or play if you don’t know someone.

You know…

I could run this in VRChat…

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The strict 10 player requirement and limit is another reason I’d say this is a game maybe only worth busting out on very special occasions.

I wonder if there is an existing community of VR LARP. I’m sure there’s tons of freestyle role playing, but how much actual LARPing following the rules of a specific game? It could be interesting because even though you lose being able to hit people with squishy weapons, if that’s your thing, you make huge gains in immersive sets and character appearance.

There really isn’t. I’ve been toying with the requirements for a larp-focused VR application.

Like, you can look at your arm and see your character prompts. Put yourself in “listening” mode and you’re translucent. That kind of thing.

I haven’t had time to flesh this out, but I’ve been working on it off and on for about a year. VR for-real LARPs is a killer app.

I’m on board with this VR LARP idea!

Put a good tool set surrounding it and you’d really have something. LARPing without the embarrassment of wandering around the woods in a costume!

I have managed to run it twice.

A local gaming convention attracts a group viking re-enactors. Turns out they were under pressure from the con organisers to include something relating to gaming in their schtick and then I showed up offering a Viking Larp. They fill in any positions that don’t fill up.


I was looking into this more, and while I understand Luke has a particular vision of how the game is meant to be experienced, it seems counterintuitive to release print n play copies for the kickstarter but not leave them up for sale for the general public. I’ll pay money to play this in a post-covid world!

I think it’s really a production thing. In the fashion they wish to make it, it wasn’t easy to mass produce. Demand for it is also relatively low, in the grand scheme of things. Making another run would be a huge effort and not show a great return. Almost all the people who knew about it and wanted it got it from the first Kickstarter, and that’s that. Pretty sure there’s no way to buy Freemarket anymore either, but I also haven’t seen anyone ask for a copy in several years.

In terms of reproducing the kickstarter I understand the position he’s in, but I don’t see Luke changing his mind about releasing the pdf’s anytime soon. I suppose I’ll either have to watch the resale market or go to cons to experience it myself.

Because a PDF is not enough with which to play the game as they see it. It would be like if I sold you a copy of ice hockey: the pdf. You need ice, sticks, pucks, nets, skates, pads, helmets, etc.

But wasn’t there an explicitly digital edition that was the lowest tier on the kickstarter? I’m more questioning the reversal of attitude between then and now.

So it seems there was. Maybe find someone who has those PDFs and get it from them.

Wouldn’t anyone who did the kickstarter and recieved a physical copy have access to that? Generally higher tiers include lower tiers, especially if it’s digital. If nobody has checked before I get home later I’ll see what I can dig up and share.

Edit: by that I mean I found the print and play pdf. Sadly is down so… you got wormhole? If so wormhole receive 6-hideaway-choking

Praise Odin, thank you so much! I’ve never used magic wormhole but I’ll get it up and running when work is finished.