I'm Saddened... (Board Games)


If I like Archipelago or Navegador will I enjoy John Company? Because getting a third Early-Modern Colonial Capitalism Simulator sounds like I’m starting to typecast myself.

Also how has there not been any discussion about Archipelago?! Sure it’s a little lumpy for a eurogame but there’s nothing like it for the “Catan on Amphetamines” genre.


Player interaction and negotiation is more Archipelago than Navegador, but they all feel very different to me.

I got fed up of carrying a heavy box of poker chips on airplanes:


Is there a way to make a digital one that is somehow more convenient than chips?


There’s https://github.com/justinkwaugh/18www that’s not quite done yet.

Or https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/survey-party/id982257563?mt=8 which will, in fact, calculate optimal routes for you.

There are a million moderator applications going back to DOS that will maintain the entire game state. I personally like a little spreadsheet to sum dividends from multiple operating rounds while still playing with physical components.


There’s somethin’ about poker chips.


A really deep dive into board game rulebook tips.


Part of me wants to see how the Munchkin CCG. If I have a surplus of time, I may even sit down to do so at East, just as a matter of pure curiosity.

The whole of me knows that showing up at a local game store for organized Munchkin CCG event would be the pinnacle of shitshow experiences.


Eleven beardos utter “the cake is a lie” simultaneously and then the world ends.


At the beginning of every game, they say “ready player one”…


A munchkin CCG?


Yes. It’s a thing.



After watching a Let’s play of Deception: Murder n Hong Kong, it resembles a cross between One night Werewolf and Codenames. You’d think a game like that would be more notorious.


I heard about Fog of Love at Unplugged and finally got it. It’s really interesting! I definitely like how the cooperate/compete decisions have a real push/pull to them (and the tutorial is seriously amazing, especially the fact that you can reset the entire gamestate to demo it to new people without too much work).


I know I bought the game due to their unplugged review and so want to see Rym and Scott play it at PAX East.