I'm Saddened... (Board Games)


If I like Archipelago or Navegador will I enjoy John Company? Because getting a third Early-Modern Colonial Capitalism Simulator sounds like I’m starting to typecast myself.

Also how has there not been any discussion about Archipelago?! Sure it’s a little lumpy for a eurogame but there’s nothing like it for the “Catan on Amphetamines” genre.


Player interaction and negotiation is more Archipelago than Navegador, but they all feel very different to me.

I got fed up of carrying a heavy box of poker chips on airplanes:


Is there a way to make a digital one that is somehow more convenient than chips?


There’s https://github.com/justinkwaugh/18www that’s not quite done yet.

Or https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/survey-party/id982257563?mt=8 which will, in fact, calculate optimal routes for you.

There are a million moderator applications going back to DOS that will maintain the entire game state. I personally like a little spreadsheet to sum dividends from multiple operating rounds while still playing with physical components.


There’s somethin’ about poker chips.


A really deep dive into board game rulebook tips.


Part of me wants to see how the Munchkin CCG. If I have a surplus of time, I may even sit down to do so at East, just as a matter of pure curiosity.

The whole of me knows that showing up at a local game store for organized Munchkin CCG event would be the pinnacle of shitshow experiences.


Eleven beardos utter “the cake is a lie” simultaneously and then the world ends.


At the beginning of every game, they say “ready player one”…


A munchkin CCG?


Yes. It’s a thing.



After watching a Let’s play of Deception: Murder n Hong Kong, it resembles a cross between One night Werewolf and Codenames. You’d think a game like that would be more notorious.


I heard about Fog of Love at Unplugged and finally got it. It’s really interesting! I definitely like how the cooperate/compete decisions have a real push/pull to them (and the tutorial is seriously amazing, especially the fact that you can reset the entire gamestate to demo it to new people without too much work).


I know I bought the game due to their unplugged review and so want to see Rym and Scott play it at PAX East.


The game will unmistakably be T&E but it looks like the game will have a majorly different feel to it. One thing I only noticed on a second read of the rules is that if you set up a Padoga and there aren’t any next to the board, you get to steal an existing padoga! I might have to attempt a PnP of this to see if there are more subtle differences that come out of play.

Other big differences:

  • Gold is still wild, but having a gold padoga and tiles seems like a massive shift.
  • Being able to lay down multiple farms at once is a weird change
  • Unlimited catastrophes, but they no longer kill the space for good.
  • External Conflicts being decided purely by Soldier tiles means the game will not be as high-scoring, but Kingdoms won’t be as busted up by conflict.


@Apreche will probably appreciate this: a Quartermaster General expansion where you play a mini-game to build up your shit before the game actually starts.


Yasss. Will it be here in time for PAX?


Maybe in time for the next Unplugged.


I’d say that’s too long from now, but I know I’m going to blink and wake up in PA.


Blink again and it’s the retirement home remembering the PAX days. :wink: