I'm Saddened... (Board Games)




1862: Railway Mania in the Eastern Counties


Curious where they go. Less RNG? Make missiles have a deeper cost-benefit? Or do they tune it in a different direction, towards something more imminently playable online and things?

Either way… probably watching, downloading the new rules pdf, then deciding if I buy it.


So far I’m seeing a lot of component improvements, which suggests they’re for the people who already own the original game and expansions. (Example: I already own ship pack one and two)

It’s possible that the new ruleset is just minimal tweaks and balances.


This is as close as any unpublished game has gotten to an insta-back for me as a combination of designer, publisher, theme, and mechanisms.


If you want to preorder the new Zendo, here’s where you do it:



What is the price per pyramid?


'tain’t just pyramids now. The rules are different, the terminology is different, and there are different shapes. It’s a whole new game.


On the one hand, I don’t like that since it removes a lot of the zen. There’s a certain elegance and simplicity of having only pyramids. On the other hand, the master is sometimes running out of ideas when it’s just the same pieces every time.

It’s possible to get more variety by using koans that involve touching, pointing, or non-grounded pyramids. The problem is that using them often makes things too easy to solve. Oh look, all the ones with pointing have the buddha nature, and the others do not. I wonder…


Pointing at no pyramid larger than itself.
Pointing at an even number of small pyramids.



Those aren’t fundamentally different from “contains a pyramid larger than” or “contains an even number of small pyramids”. All the koans that do not have any pointing pyramids are automatically in the “no” category, and now you are just figuring out what the pyramid is pointing at. You just have to toss an extra pointing pyramid into each guess.


Be clever. “The number of small pyramids being pointed at is even.”


You and your even. I can’t even.


Can you odd then?


No pyramid may point at a pyramid larger than itself.


This means every koan without pointing on the side of the buddha nature. Thus, you can eliminate all of them from your thoughts and just look at the differences between the ones that have pointing and ones that don’t, It ends up just being an obfuscation of a much simpler rule.

I think the only way to do it is to use some evil OR rules. One of the halves of the OR involves pointing, and the other half does not. This way you get pointing and non-pointing koans on both sides. You also get everyone mad and never find the answer.


The green pyramids are AND gates and the red pyramids are XOR gates, and the circuit made by pointing tests for divisibility by 3…


The one time I tried to guess the Buddha nature using modulo operations everyone looked at me funny. And here you’re trying to use XOR gates.


We have buddha nature.