I'm Saddened... (Board Games)


Interesting that Chudyk doesn’t do interviews. Probably wants to design games and be left the hell alone otherwise.

The GtR drama is still some of the most remarkable stuff I’ve ever heard.

Also, the Black Box print-and-play is easily findable in the BGG forums, so I suspect a reprint will never happen.


I got a sad news. Chwazi is busted. It doesn’t mix up its random seed.

I tested on my phone. If I close and open the app, it will always pick the finger that touched the screen first. An Android user reported that for them it always chose the finger that touched the screen last.


Bullshit, one sec. Yeah so in 6 attempts closing and opening the app in between I got (each number being the order in which the fingers were placed on the phone being selected) 1, 1, 2, 1, 1, 3.

This looks random enough and certainly not having a rotating seed problem. I’m on android.


Ok, so I tested again. I think it was just a crazy coincidence. A person online claimed that theirs had this non-random bug. I tested my iPhone and was able to get first finger every time in like, 10 tries.

I went back and tested iPad, it’s random. Then i tested iPhone again, could not reproduce. I think it was just a string of bad luck at the exact moment I was looking for it. Go figure.

Good news, we can trust in the Chwazi!


If you really wanted to aggravate people, you could write a Chwazi that only exhibits that behavior at random five minute intervals and no more than once per day.


Say, when the bill arrives.


$104, I can afford that…

@pence @DemoWeasel did you play this at PAX? Or what are your thoughts/impressions?


I really want to play it, for sure. Theme and mechanisms are definitely in Demo territory.


Yeah. I’m not sure if it’s worth it. It seems up our alley as well, but an acquaintance we Game with says it was ok, however we differ in tastes/preferences. I am reading the rule book and so far, very interested.

However, Sept 2019 fulfillment?!


So, something new and interesting is coming to PAX AUS.


Does AUS not have an UnPub equivalent? Or is this something new that we could expect at other PAXes?


I mean, maybe, but it’s tiny and I’ve never heard of it if it has. And as for if you’ll see it at other PAXes, I suspect you might if it goes well.


UnPub is an organization where its a pick up and make it enviroment, so if any Aussies want to fly the noodle, they are allowed to.


We were just having a discussion about card-driven games at home (like you do) and it ended with us listening to the old Geeknights review of Twilight Struggle.

2007 Rym says multiple times that he would play Twilight Struggle if it were a computer game. I assume he’s been studying strategy and playing live games against remote opponents on Steam and iOS, right? :smiley:

Other highlights of this episode include 2007 Scott’s affinity for no-one’s favorite Commands and Colors game, BattleLore (then: ranked #7 on BGG, now: ranked #258 - in Rym’s words ‘people actually played it, it’s on its way down’) and the statement “Euros are like, $40, it’s just some wooden cubes” in the year when super nerds were importing and doing time-consuming paste-ups for Agricola ahead of its official English release.


I still like command and colors, but not so much to bother people to play it. I sold Battlelore to someone in New Zealand who overpayed out of desperation even though I told them I thought they were paying too much.

Don’t listen to old geeknights.




When I first got into the podcast 5 years ago as a listener, my podcast time was spent on old Geeknights for months. I wasn’t just listening, I was re-listening.


Print and play entries from the Roll and Write Global Jam.


Roll and write seems to be really hot these days. You can play 'em solo. You can play them together. You can replay each one until you build a very strong heuristic and them move to a new one and have to start over again. You can play them in person or have an app. This genre has been growing, but now I think it hit that part of the growth curve that starts to look exponential.

These are really easy to make and play, also. Just make a puzzle that has inputs and scoring. Then just randomize the inputs to make the puzzle replayable.


Roll and Write is really hot right now - low-interaction puzzles. I enjoy a lot of the little Japanese games like MetroX, Rolling America, etc. Let’s Make a Bus Route is the one that impressed me the most, you’re writing on a shared board with whiteboard markers, so you’re running into one another but it still “feels” like a roll and write.


Railroad Ink was way good at PAX West.