I'm Coming To New York

Continued from the old Forum

TvH^2Q is gonna be in town for Thanksgiving. If anyone wants to meet up with me (and possibly dad) next Thursday morning that’d be cool. All three of us should be free Wednesday morning too.

Sadly, Thanksgiving is the time of not being in NYC.

That’s ok, we’ll see you at MAG.



Those who read the Depression thread know I’m already in NYC. Naoza’s apartment didn’t work out for the weekend so I’m gonna be hopping over to Manhattan tonight. If anyone wants to meet up, I’m in town till Monday.

EDIT: to be clear, Naoza did everything in his power to accommodate me and I am very grateful for how much he did for me.

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A World Record attempt in NYC for people opening boxes. The things that are shown here may be worth it. https://youtu.be/hyCznBzpXK8

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I have come to New York. My first work trip in exactly two years. I literally got home from my last gig on March 25th 2020.

Are you going to still be here on April 3rd, a week from today? We have hockey tickets.

Same applies to all the listener. If you visit NYC during hockey season, let us know.

I have already left. You know my kind of work travel schedule! I’m not like Rym, who hangs out in a city for a week. I arrived Saturday night, joined the QM2 in Brooklyn at Sunday midday, and had to do two 50 minute shows on Sunday evening.