Identify Yourself


I’m Daniel Sundén, born 1984 north of the polar circle. I’m a UX Designer/Strategist by trade and an adventurer at heart. Recently found myself based in Baltimore MD.

I have a background in product design and computing science.

Been hanging out here idly for a few years but hope to get a bit more active again.


I’m Chris, born 1978 and live in Australia. My trade is construction/design and have been listening to geek nights on and off for the last few years.

I love a board game every now and then and love to win. Also keen on the internets and Lego.


Hi I was Greg but now I’m not, You can call me Lizzie to save a few characters or Elizabeth if you need that 15 character minimum.


Holy crap, I haven’t been here for like 2 years, and everything is different! I’m Omar, born in 82 in sunny Costa Rica. I’m part of the ATW9K cast (I think that’s a thing, not sure).

Hi Lizzie!


Bienvenidos! We are fresh out of platanos but I’m sure the community here could serve you up a nice plate of chingasos. :wink:


Hi, I’m Iain. I’m a Scottish game developer who started listening to Geek Nights about 8 years ago when I was still at University.

I’m interested in practically every topic that regularly shows up in the podcast, but particularly games and books; I basically made an account just so I could join the book club, because most of my friends won’t read anything deeper than Harry Potter.


Hello! I’m Ryan. Been listening to Geek Nights for a while and decided to drop in. Little bit about me I am interested in tech/electronics(Application Developer by trade), anything with a motor that goes fast, being outside downhill mountain biking/snowboarding/hiking, and last but not least pretty much anything nerd/geek related.


Quality username :wink:


Hello, I’m Chris. I’ve been listening to geek nights since the way back in the summer of aught six! I was a member of the old forum; but fell out of checking in…but I figured it was time to log back in. I am technology and pre-engineering teacher; teaching classes on game programming in Python, 3D modeling & printing, robotics, and AP Comp Sci in Java. I also run a FIRST Robotics Team (1247 Roksbot).

I love computers, cars; especially my MINI Cooper, and games of all sorts.


Welcome back, Spooner.


Ey up spoony, I remember you. Welcome back!


I’ve been listening to GeekNights since 2008 but never really participated in the forums. The new forum looks great!

I’m a massive nerd from the Midwest who loves pretty much all of the nerdy things: gaming, comics, anime, sports, and computers.

I do a lot of volunteer work with said nerdy stuff (and also cats).


Hey, I’m Tom, I was born in August of 1989 which means I’m about the same age as Taylor Swift. I work QA for various game companies by day and sometimes make games as a hobby when I can. I also have a blog that nobody reads and can tell you more about making a giant sized jenga tower than you want to know. I came to find Geek Nights through Pax Prime which takes place in Seattle which I live near. I’m really just here to ride the Battletech wave through.


The Battletech wave will rise.


Hey all, I’m John.

I’ve been listening to GeekNights on and off since about 2014. I heard you guys do Bad Games at Connecticon, and I started listening on the way home.

I will be attending RIT next semester to pursue a degree in Computer Engineering. You guys are the way I first heard about RIT before my college search, and helped me to realize that it was the school for me (Financial aid helped a lot too). I have to choose a dorm next week, so if you have any advice I am open to suggestions.

In my free time I play too many video games (PUBG, Stardew Valley), I am on the debate team, and I am the Technical Director for my high school’s TV station (I get to hit all the buttons). If I’m not doing any of that stuff, I’m probably slaving away making fast food pizza.


Hey, I just finished my AP CS-A class last week! That test was ridiculously easy.


One of the best choices I made at RIT was to stay in the “substance free” dorm. Basically it wasn’t any different than any other dorm. The fact that it was a substance free floor was never even mentioned or brought up by anyone. However, I never had to deal with drunken nonsense. Rym’s dorm was the exact opposite.


Hi John,

I don’t know that I chose to do this but in retrospect I would definitely go back and choose to be on a mainstream, co-ed floor. I learned quite a bit of ASL my first year just like… getting to know my neighbors and my deaf RA. (Mainstream just means hearing and deaf combined) to this day I still do some light interpreting at cons when meeting old RIT friends.

I still had to deal with drunken party nonsense, but mostly deaf drunken parties, so they were fairly quiet.

As to building selection. I was in Sol. Avoid Ellington as it’s the tallest building with the smallest elevator.

Any of the other 3 big buildings are fine, but the one near Gracies is best as it’s like RIGHT on the quarter mile. In the decade since I’ve been there I’m forgetting the names of the dorms these days.

Good luck


Gahh, I asked for a Co-ed dorm, and ended up with an all male dorm, half of which had failed out by half way thru the first year. (everyone was playing Action quake ;-p) Fortunately my roommate pledged a frat and was out half way thru the second quarter and I had a single as a double for the rest of the year. It was pretty fun, I took to dorm life really well, sucks that RIT pushes you out of them after the first year.