Identify Yourself


I’m Daniel Sundén, born 1984 north of the polar circle. I’m a UX Designer/Strategist by trade and an adventurer at heart. Recently found myself based in Baltimore MD.

I have a background in product design and computing science.

Been hanging out here idly for a few years but hope to get a bit more active again.


I’m Chris, born 1978 and live in Australia. My trade is construction/design and have been listening to geek nights on and off for the last few years.

I love a board game every now and then and love to win. Also keen on the internets and Lego.


Hi I was Greg but now I’m not, You can call me Lizzie to save a few characters or Elizabeth if you need that 15 character minimum.


Holy crap, I haven’t been here for like 2 years, and everything is different! I’m Omar, born in 82 in sunny Costa Rica. I’m part of the ATW9K cast (I think that’s a thing, not sure).

Hi Lizzie!


Bienvenidos! We are fresh out of platanos but I’m sure the community here could serve you up a nice plate of chingasos. :wink:


Hi, I’m Iain. I’m a Scottish game developer who started listening to Geek Nights about 8 years ago when I was still at University.

I’m interested in practically every topic that regularly shows up in the podcast, but particularly games and books; I basically made an account just so I could join the book club, because most of my friends won’t read anything deeper than Harry Potter.


Hello! I’m Ryan. Been listening to Geek Nights for a while and decided to drop in. Little bit about me I am interested in tech/electronics(Application Developer by trade), anything with a motor that goes fast, being outside downhill mountain biking/snowboarding/hiking, and last but not least pretty much anything nerd/geek related.


Quality username :wink:


Hello, I’m Chris. I’ve been listening to geek nights since the way back in the summer of aught six! I was a member of the old forum; but fell out of checking in…but I figured it was time to log back in. I am technology and pre-engineering teacher; teaching classes on game programming in Python, 3D modeling & printing, robotics, and AP Comp Sci in Java. I also run a FIRST Robotics Team (1247 Roksbot).

I love computers, cars; especially my MINI Cooper, and games of all sorts.


Welcome back, Spooner.


Ey up spoony, I remember you. Welcome back!


I’ve been listening to GeekNights since 2008 but never really participated in the forums. The new forum looks great!

I’m a massive nerd from the Midwest who loves pretty much all of the nerdy things: gaming, comics, anime, sports, and computers.

I do a lot of volunteer work with said nerdy stuff (and also cats).


Hey, I’m Tom, I was born in August of 1989 which means I’m about the same age as Taylor Swift. I work QA for various game companies by day and sometimes make games as a hobby when I can. I also have a blog that nobody reads and can tell you more about making a giant sized jenga tower than you want to know. I came to find Geek Nights through Pax Prime which takes place in Seattle which I live near. I’m really just here to ride the Battletech wave through.


The Battletech wave will rise.