I am not a lawyer

Talk about your experience using a lawyer. Ask about costs of using one and what alternatives are out there. Armchair lawyer discussions. etc.

So I’ve been looking at what’s available in writing up a will. I’ve found free sites to paid and subscription ones. I would like to not have to use a lawyer to have a will done. Anybody have any personal experience on doing their own will? What did it cost? Do you have to make an entire new will if something changes in your life? Any advice on this would be appreciated.

It depends on the state, but most states allow you to write your own will, just make sure it fits the standards set forth from that state, is signed and someone knows where it is.

Check your employer’s HR biz. They often include services that might provide very light legal work like preparing wills. I had one that did. I haven’t checked if I have one at the new job, though.

I didn’t think about that I will look into that.

I live in Texas I just know two witness need to sign it and they should be people who aren’t receiving anything from the will when you die.

What are the Requirements of a Valid Will in Texas?

If you’re a parent and are wanting your kids to go to someone other than a direct relative upon your death, then maybe get a lawyer. Many states will not allow you to give custody to a non-blood relative upon your death without very specific requirements being met, which may fail to be enough even if met.

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