Human Maintenance

Alright so I didn’t see a better thread for this, and this is pretty weird for me, but I imagine there are people way more informed about this than me.

Recently I became aware that I have like a full millimeter of dead skin on my feet.

It’s gross, but I kinda tried removing it with pumice and whatever.

Man, this makes me think I need to like monthly schedule to have my fucking feet peeled.

I’m too old to be finding these things still, but I am…

I get really bad earwax sometimes, and it gets impacted easily. NOTHING is more satisfying than the POP of when they flush that out.

There is a specific tool used for whittling away the accumulated dead skin on your feet. I’d recommend getting a pedicure, finding out what it’s called and seeing how it’s used, then grabbing one yourself.

If it’s anything like what the pedicurist I go to uses, it’s basically a disc grinder for feet, yeah?

I joked to @pence that this thread sounded like something that a robot would make, and then I clicked and saw that the prince of all robots was indeed the culprit!


What are you describing?

My boyfriend once walked in on his dad using an angle grinder on his feet once. So maybe if yours are super rough, that is an option.

The infomercial version is called the Pedegg, basically a cheese grater for feet

For God’s sake use low speed(if possible) and a gentle flap-wheel, unless you really want to push the boundaries of the term “Skin’s freshest layer.”


I use a pumice stone to smooth over foot callouses.

I have used chemical foot peels to augment my pumice stone. They work pretty well!

Nuri’s gotten me into some various skincare products, like using an oil-based cleanser for my head, and moisturizing my scalp and face after showering. Basic stuff, but it goes a long way.