How do you listen to GeekNights?

I see an enormous tornado, and at the bottom is Grit from Advance Wars. He’s eating a cookie and holding a clock that keeps perfect time.


I listen on my Iphone 6S, and when I am at the gym and they do a live show I stream the show over my Ipad Pro

I use Pocketcasts on my phone to listen. I catch most every episode, but I’ve skipped a few where I know I’m just going to get aggravated.

I listen to GeekNights with some fava beans and a nice Chianti. FTHFTHFTHFTH

But seriously, I listen to GeekNights on the way to work normally through the Stitcher app.

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I listen to it at work when I’ve got a bunch of mindless spreadsheeting to do.

I listen to GeekNights the same way I listen to all my other podcasts: during my commute/driving, while walking, doing chores, and sometimes while playing games that don’t require my full attention. Generally I try to fill in any gap where I don’t need to use my brain actively and it’s okay for me to be shut off from others.

Same boat! I’ve been using Doggcatcher on my Smartphone since the original Moto Droid (2009?) and Apple Podcasts before that on an iPhone 3G and an iPod Touch even earlier then that…and I started on a 120gb iPod & my Macbook

I also just realized I haven’t listened to Friday Night Party Line for quite some time (I was trying to get Doggcatcher to work with Android Auto and I messed up resetting something and it ate my subscription list)…I’ll need to resubscribe…

Up until very recently my primary GeekNights delivery mechanism was podcast via car stereo via FM transmitter via my Zune HD (which you can have when it squirts from my cold, dead fingers). But lately it’s been more “Ok, Google, play the latest episode of GeekNights” on whatever device is handy. Google plays the right podcast about 80% of the time. The other 20% is I guess a random adventure into the internet rabbit hole.

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Appreciated! Maybe by the time you have that sorted, I’ll have browbeaten Vic into processing and uploading the 4-5 episodes we’ve currently got in the tank.

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