How do you guys watch cricket from USA?

Hi… my old man is pissed and I am unable to change my cable service. He’s English and wants to watch the world cup and I can’t assist him in this matter. He’s trying everything he could to watch cricket world cup live online but he always ends up watching highlights of a day before match (rofl) which is funny for me but it’s killing my old man. :smiley:
I wana help him fellas. I am hearing Sling TV is good for US region? Hit me

Cancel all able service. Plug a real computer into your TV. Watch illegal streams.

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They keep killing it. All the streams are only good for like 10 15 mins. Then they die

I see that happen with non-hockey streams. Every 10-15 minutes a bunch of the streams die, and I move on to another one. For whatever reason NHL streams are mostly immune.

You can subscribe to WillowTV, it’s an all-cricket channel, I think they’re available through SlingTV. Or, apparently, ESPN has been getting a lot of cricket recently, and broadcast it for free via their WatchESPN app.

The other option is to just get a cheap service like NordVPN, and VPN into a country that has free streaming broadcasts. If he’s willing to wait a little bit(a few hours to a day or so post-match), 7Plus in Australia has basically all the test matches, Women’s international, plus all mens and women’s BigBash league games, and 9Now will have all the Ashes games, for example.

There must be people in /r/cricket who know about reliable streams. is a great source.

All cricket, and most other sports, can be found here:


I usually dig around reddit. /r/streams is usually enough to find what I’m looking for, though venture unto those sites only with the tightest of adblocking lists.

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Free streams via app? You sure?

Yup a friend of mine posted there a while back. lets see. the post is way too down to be noticed. There’s a post there every 2 mins. :confused:

No, because I live in Australia, so I’ve never needed ESPN in the unlikely event I wanted to watch cricket, but it is what my Desi friends in the US told me.

alright thanks!