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Oh, if it can learn from an existing remote, then it might work.

There are so many models of harmony remote, can I get by with the cheapest one?


Holy shit. This rando optical switch is specifically listed as a supported device on all logitech harmony remotes. The exact model number is in the database on the logitech site.


I’ve always used the cheaper/est ones without any problem. The more expensive ones generally do things like use recharging docks, have color touch screens, and the like.


yep. I got the $30 el cheapo. Having 1 remote instead of 3 will be great. Hopefully I can also push fewer buttons to do things.


They’re down to $30 now? Damn, last time I got one (which admittedly was a couple of years ago), the cheap ones were about $70. Still worth it IMHO, though.


If it doesn’t solve my problems, I’ll return it.


I’ll wait until you report back. Can it control a Roku? Chris loves her Roku.


You can check the database of supported devices here. Willing to bet Roku is in there.

But also, throw out your Roku and get an HTPC.


We’ve been over this, Chris loves her Roku. I give zero fucks.


I really need to get an HTPC one of these days… but my PS3 does a good enough job that I’ve had more important things on my priority list.


So I had some issues getting the Harmony software to work.

But I eventually did make it work on a different computer. I’ll discuss that in the computer advice thread.

As for this remote, it does work. I can control all three of my devices with it perfectly. Even the janky optical switch. I now have one remote and not three.

It’s also a better remote than my previous ones. My speaker system is a lot more responsive to volume up and down presses than the one that came with it.


It has a nice feature that you can tell it which device to bind the volume up/down to even when you switch modes.

The watch TV button let’s you configure an “activity” which automatically switches everything into the right mode with a single press. I configured this to put everything in HTPC mode, which is what I have going on most of the time.

There is only one remote control for everything! (not counting the HTPC keyboard) Reduced clutter in apartment!


This remote has a fuckton of buttons I will never use. It would be cool if they made a smaller one, but I guess it needs this many to be able to accommodate the enormous library of devices I could theoretically use it with.

I see now why this is the cheapest harmony model. It only allows one activity. I could have gotten a better model that allowed at least two activities to have one for playing Nintendo Switch. As it is now, it will take quite a few confusing presses to get the Switch going on, but then switching everything back to HTPC is still a single press.


Those buttons are pretty programmable. You may be able to set up some macros on those for certain things, but it’s probably something you’ll figure out once you’ve used it for a while.


I didn’t notice anything like that in the software. I think the macros are reserved for the higher end models.


Ah, okay. Perhaps. Mine is probably just one notch higher end than yours, which is why I was able to put some macros in it.


I turned my Wii into a media center/retro gaming center a while back, but I’ve found my HTPC/Steambox has completely replaced it. It just does more stuff better.


I’m thinking I need to make a reading area in my house. The only lounging chairs I have are in the living room and the TV is always on there.


Is there room for a chair in your office?


Definitely not. I was thinking about clearing out the foyer area next to the kitchen and putting something there.


That could work!