Scarfolk is a town with a great graphic designer. I don’t really know what to call this genre - horror doesn’t seem to quite fit, but it’s the closest I can think of. Creepy. Night Valey. Stranger Thingsish.


That site is pretty cool. I see what you meab, it does give off that certain Night Vale vibe.

Best one I found.

Well, this is one of the subtly most disturbing things I have ever watched:

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One of my fave SuperEyePatch wolf videos in the longest time. Having personally spent 20 hours on call with Dell support when I was in highschool for our home pc in the early Aughts this is the real-real.

Based on the image, and Jordan Peele’s first two movies, I’m expecting Nope to be about how BIPOC are left behind or forgotten about during natural disasters.