Hearthstone: Face is the Place


I’ve been seeing those allegations. afaict they’re baseless. I got loads of dupicate commons, but that’s completely expected. My guess is we have a case of salty kids who want more cards without paying more money.I could be wrong and I’m interested in how this china thing shakes out but all in all I expect this to go nowhere.


Yeah I got 3 of the same common in one pack once, just luck of the draw. Can’t really gripe about commons distribute. I opened 64 packs and for commons, it’s showing I’m only missing 1 copy of 1 common.


Every day it looks like I’m more and more correct. The Rogue Quest is the cancer of this meta.

  1. The quest is far too easy to complete. It seems like playing the same exact minion multiple times is difficult, so even four seems like a high requirement. In reality, it’s far too easy. It often happens on turn 5. The requirement should be raised to 5, or possibly even 6 times. I think 5 might be enough.

  2. The quest result is far too powerful. There are no board clears that can destroy a bunch of 5/5 minions that cost 1 and often have charge. A Flamestrike on turn 7 has already given them one or two turns of evil. If you are still alive, that only does 4 damage to all, not enough.

  3. Cards like Eviscerate, Backstab (why does this still cost 0?), and Swashbuckler give it the extra bits it needs to keep you under control while they do the quest.

  4. You can counter the Rogue deck I think with the Taunt Warrior, or something that is very very aggro, but what else?

  5. The most heinous part I think is that the Rogue Quest overrides all other cards. For example, I played the sheep secret. They played a minion, and it became a 1/1 sheep, and then a 5/5/ sheep. I think they should change it so the 5/5 only applies to minions as they are played from the Rogue’s hand, and modifications that happen later should override the Quest power. It’s debatable how it should go with cards like Morose and Imp Master.

  6. They can use prep to play the Quest a turn earlier. Compared to the Mage that gets the Quest and then can’t play it for another turn at least. It takes 2/3 turns after completing the quest for the Mage to actually pull off the finishing move. The Rogue does it right away. To counter the effects of preparation, the quest should perhaps cost at least 3 more mana to cast. This might be the only change necessary. Even if they complete the quest quickly, it will be ok if they can’t play it until later in the game.

  7. The quest result also affects cards in the Rogues hand and cards already in play. Compared that to the Druid Quest which requires playing a huge minion that only affects the cards in their deck. After completing the quest, the Druid needs to live a long time and get a lot of draw to see the benefits. I think the minions already on board possibly should not be effected?

  8. Even if it was OP, yet again the most OP deck is not fun to play against since there isn’t much you can interact with. The opponent is almost playing solitaire and then eventually just killing you. It would be fine if there was more interaction with them while setting up their quest. Some way to hinder them besides some very lucky Dirty Rats.

  9. We do still have to see how consistent this deck is. It’s hard to tell from ladder. If its not consistent enough for tournaments, then it might not be as big a problem. Also, it seems to be the only problem I can see. Plays with and against every other archetype from this card pool have been some of the best.


All that being said, I am having a ball with this elemental mage deck. I did just beat a rogue who completed their quest on turn 5. I did get lucky with a blizzard from a Primordial Glyph. Also, they spent their entire turn 5 playing the quest, leaving me a huge opening to go face.


[quote=“Matt, post:22, topic:347, full:true”]
Yeah I got 3 of the same common in one pack once, just luck of the draw. Can’t really gripe about commons distribute. I opened 64 packs and for commons, it’s showing I’m only missing 1 copy of 1 common.
[/quote]All you can do is hope, and say a prayer to RNGesus.


I shot to level 15 without too much trouble last night. I have been going Face Hunter for a while, so tweaked it for Ungoro and kept rolling. Holy crap I love Dinomancy. +2/+2 as hero power is badass. You can get so tactical with it.

Slap it on a Rat Pack. Or combo with Crackling Razormaw to adapt the minion you just boosted. Perhaps some +3 attack or Windfury to go face with?

I was lvl18 when Ungoro hit. I have played probably 10-15 matches and luckily have not seen Rogue once. Most times, quest decks seem too slow against my aggro, even the Warrior taunt quest falling due to prudent use of my weapons, adapts, Dinomancy, and Kill Commands.


Took this deck up to Level 9 and have been bouncing back and forth between 9/10. Back up to 9 on a streak, so considering stopping Hearthstone for a week and then just slamming the ladder on the last day to see what I can do.


I just keep doing my quests, not trying to rank up. I actually believe I could make legend if I just played the Rogue deck and put in enough hours. It just isn’t worth the time. Still having a lot of fun with different decks.


This fucking card draw. I previously told my woe of getting 3 Priest quests. I just pulled a second Warlock quest. Those are the only two quests I have.


If it helps you, I pulled 0 quests, and then crafted one that wasn’t even very good. Hunter.


Because 70 million people have played this children’s card game, everyone gets 3 free packs.


Sweet. My first free pack had Elise the Trailblazer and a Dinosize in it.

I crafted the Shaman quest the other day, that’s the only one I have. I’m not sure how good it is, but murlocs.


That one sees play, That was a better call than the one I crafted…


I am really into Priest lately. I’m playing dragons with Crystalline Oracle, Lyra, Elise, Shadow Visions, so I can get such a ridiculous amount of extra cards.

Aggro opponents have a hard time because of your healing funnel cakes and taunts. Once they run out of cards and draw, it’s a win. Evil quest Rogue is still the worst opponent, but if you are lucky you can dragonfire them, and hope they can’t draw enough to build a new board. Jades that come out too fast are big trouble also. Other control matchups are ok because you still have more cards than they do. I might try the Kazakus variant instead of the dragon one to see if it’s more fun. Using Medivh and Free from Amber instead of Drakonid Operative and Netherspite Historian to get that extra value. I might have to craft Raza, though.


Hearthstone took a huge page from the Apple playbook today. Hold out for a long time on really basic, obvious, and powerful features that every user suggested on day 1. Then years later finally implement those features and pretend like you are the greatest ever. Receive all the love because your new features relieve everyone of so much suffering, and they will forget that all those years of suffering were your fault in the first place.

  1. You can complete quests by playing with friends. Who wants to quest up with me??? Let’s see if we can finish them extra quickly by conceding!

  2. You can now share decks via text files. No more manual entry. This is huge. On mobile especially it’s a huge pain to create decks. But even on desktop it was a huge pain to look back and forth to make sure I got the list right.

It also means you can backup and save your decks anywhere you can store data.

  1. If you have 1 gold and one non-gold copy of the same card, they only take up one visual space on the deck list. This is huge since it makes reading your deck list way way easier. All those times where oh crap, I only included 1x, oh no I included 2x. Those times are done.


Still playing very aggro hunter because I can finish a game during a poop. Not enough time for anything else.


Control/Secret Mage is really busting out and kicking my ass. I’m gonna need a new deck.


I am playing a Priest deck with dragons, Lyra, Elise, etc. It’s probably not as competitively strong as the silence priest, but you just get so many cards. It’s really fun even if you lose. Sometimes it can even beat very aggro decks. Sometimes.


Everyone’s favorite Disguised Toast was messing around with a game exploit yesterday. Apparently there is a way to cause the game to crash for both players and then Hearthstone will count that game as a win for you. He wasn’t using this exploit for the sake of winning. He was just experimenting to see why it worked, how it worked, etc.

He got a phone call from Blizzard and was hit with the ban hammer. Lame! Even Nintendo does a better job of this than Blizzard. That’s saying a lot.


More details are he was testing in 1v1 with a friend.

More details on the exploit are:

Using this can get you banned.

Put Power Word: Glory on any minion. Then use mirage caller on said minion. The game will crash and upon logging in you’ll be granted a win.

Honestly things like this shouldn’t even be close to bannable. I’d sooner take the game itself down for a day while it’s fixed than ban those who use it.

Literally doing nothing but actions allowed by the game. Were the community in the mood of improving it’s health. They’d all start using it simultaneously until fixed. Call it motivation.