Hazbin Hotel

The trailer pilot for Hazbin Hotel just came out.



Holy shit, Stamper!

Apparently this has drawn the attention (positive or negative) of the warhammer 40k people and the steven universe, my little pony, etc people.

Unless I’m just the biggest ignoramus, one of those things is not like the other

It’s the Etc isn’t it? I wasn’t trying to group them all together as similar, I was actually just listing them because I found it notable. I havn’t watched anything related to this so I’m reserving all judgement.

A couple memes popped up here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Grimdank/

Ah, I forgot about the Slaanesh fancult





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I’m thoroughly enjoying all of this stuff and hope there’s more soon. As for the 40k fandom liking it, my best guess is it is a really good representation of Slaanesh’s realm and/or Commorragh, the Drukhari capitol.

A24 is just the best

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Not as funny as the pilot, and the VA changes are off-putting. Still, more HH/HB content is a great thing.


Was debating putting this in media analysis but I want this thread to be more than just episode announcements

I think something that might come of this is that Viziepop has sort of reinvented the “pilot episode”. When Hazbin first reared (and with HB) I saw a lot of both critical concern and fan adoration. There was a cultural combination of fawning over the characters and preemptive dismissal of an amateur animator. Both Hazbin’s and Helluva’s pilots are very light on plot and setup and heavy on introducing characters which has done so much more for creating a social media presence than crafting the setup to a narrative.



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