Gun Control


I always figured you for the guy that at the end of the day prioritized your own survival and comfort over the murdering bad guys.


Everyone’s gotta draw the line somewhere.


Absolutely. Fifteen characters.


If the Punisher isn’t appropriate now, then he’s never appropriate. Just erase him from existence.


Interesting, it’s not like Punisher is about killing innocent people. If Punisher is inappropriate there is a TON of media that would suddenly be inappropriate, but I can also see how they might want to keep down for a few weeks as well just to stay out of any twitter backlash warranted or not.


The Punisher isn’t usually well written, but I’ve always been amazed how many people don’t understand the differences between say ethics, morality, and legality. The character butts up against all three topics depending on the day. I felt really sad one day talking to my grandmother and realizing that she equated the law with morality. Even if your moral standings happen to fall in line with the law, the distinction is key to, for example, not becoming a nazi.

I mean we’re dealing with corporations here for which sidestepping anything questionable is probably the economic path.

And you’ve got one subset of people that see the “Punisher response” as the same thing as the most recent shooter, or preppers, or whatever ideology. You can probably paint it either way into a whole bunch of frameworks.


The problem with Punisher is how popular he is among cops specifically, usually for the wrong reasons.

#108 The creator of the Punisher seems to get him in a way that the cops who put it on cars don’t :-p


Timing matters, optics matter. Much like real gun control, the Punisher going away permanently isn’t going to happen any time soon.


Do you need insurance for guns? Like if you hurt someone you exchange details and the gun owner’s insurance company pays for the damage etc. I’ve only encountered guns a few times but there are plenty of cars and that’s how it works for them.


Nope, no insurance necessary. There are also laws shielding gun manufacturers from any liability related to their products.


For the record, I’m not saying he should. I’m not really for or against the Punisher. But I’m saying that for logical consistency, if they think that there is a time at which The Punisher is inappropriate, and shouldn’t be promoted, then isn’t he always inappropriate? If a joke is tasteless today, then it’s tasteless tomorrow and ten years from now.


I’d say you’re being logically inconsistent there. Long story short, times change. Things that were inappropriate in the past are not now. Unless you’re advocating for a world where it’s inappropriate for a woman to show a little sock-covered ankle.


Emotional distance matters a lot, for example there are people who will joke about their loved one’s death years later in a dark way that might not have been able to deal with those jokes in the year that followed that death.


I’ve never really been a big fan of the Punisher for a variety of reasons. Mostly though, I don’t like the idea of the character. I think he’s mostly a one-note character that is really only used best when played off against more “virtuous” heroes like Spider-Man, Captain America and others. I think the Punisher was great in Daredevil, again because he’s played off against Daredevil, who doesn’t kill, but I have very very low expectations for the Punisher series on its own, despite how good Jon Bernthal is. Kind of like Iron Fist, I think the Punisher works best in conjunction with another hero, but can’t really hold his own.


Ooh, naughty!

Except people are being shot with guns pretty much every week.


You actually mean every day, but they don’t rise to big HUGE massacre that is plastered on TV for a week.

Marvel/netflix could have just gone ahead, there really isn’t some outcry against, it they just decided they might get some good PR cancelling the event and also showing empathy.



341 mass shootings this year* (4 since Vegas)

*“We define a ‘mass shooting’ as a single outburst of violence in which four or more people are shot. This is not the same as mass murder as defined by the FBI.”


The Punisher, like Iron Fist, are 70’s movie cliches imported into a superhero universe. Luke Cage is also, but Luke hasn’t aged quite as badly as say Iron Fist.

I can only enjoy the Punisher as a parody at this point. Basically, he’s a Hero with the Superpower of “Tragic Backstory” and “Action Movie Hero”

I saw the animated Black Widow/Punisher movie and he also works as a “sometimes Agent of SHIELD”.