Gun Control


Only anyone suggesting solutions should look like past solutions from the mid 1800s


I mean, if we want to be pedantic gun modification kinda butts up against right to repair in some ways. The manufacturers would love it if you have to keep buying products from them, ideally only from them. Whether it’s cars or your computer, the corporations want you to pay them for any service or parts. In reality, you can do a lot of stuff yourself cheaper and easier. With paintball markers there was definitely a lot of aftermarket parts that were pretty nice.

With this most recent big incident, there was some talk of him doing some relatively easy modifications to make his rifles function closer to fully automatic… and pretty much all fully automatic is actually good for was what this guy was doing… spraying a crowd.

As an aside, my uncle really shouldn’t have firearms. Whatever regulations people want, I want them to apply to my uncle who has a criminal history (just no felonies), multiple diagnosis, and he only has them as a way of making himself feel bigger and potentially threatening others.



It is notoriously shocking how easy it is for a lobbyist to bribe a politician. Seriously, they’ll sell out for only tens of thousands.



Bojack Horseman Season 4 Episode 5’s b-plot is kinda about that.


Run for Congress.

You only have to be 25 to be eligible for the House.

You only have to be 30 to be eligible for Senate.

These assholes aren’t going to do anything. If you want it, change it.


“Wow America hates Women more than it loves guns”


I would if I lived somewhere else, but I do not want to move.

My legislative representatives at every level of government from city council up to congress are 90+% doing what I would do, only they are better at it because they have actual political skills and experience. No reason for me to run against them. It’s my executive reps that are having some issues. The mayor is OK I guess, but the governor is kinda bleh. Don’t think I need to mention the other one.

Can I even run for NY State Governor? What do you think are my chances of success? Because actually, I would totally love being governor of NYS. That would be like, the greatest. Now that I think about it, I don’t think there’s a job I would want more than that.


Under the New York State Constitution, a person must be at least 30 years of age, a United States citizen, and a resident of the state of New York for at least five years prior to being elected to serve as governor.

I qualify!!


I do wonder about the whole “if guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns” argument. How hard is it to purchase an illegal gun? I mean, if I want to purchase a basic hunting rifle or shotgun, I just need to head over to the local Wal-Mart with my credit card. Anything else, and I probably can just look it up on the internet, or, if I was real old school, the phone book. Again, just head over and fork over my credit card (or buy online via sites like

I’d imagine acquiring an illegal weapon would be trickier. You’d need to find the hypothetical “shady guy selling guns from the back of a truck,” which I figure is much harder than looking up a gun shop online or in a phone book. I mean, if you’re part of organized crime (which as the name implies, already has the organization needed to smuggle illegal weapons) or the drug trade (if they can bring in illegal drugs, they almost certainly can also bring in illegal guns) in order to have a ready-made network of connections to acquire illegal guns. However, if you’re just Joe Random Nutjob or John Random Mugger, without those sorts of connections, how would you go about buying an illegal gun?

Note that for the sake of argument, I’m ignoring people who sell guns on Craigslist, straw purchasers, and the like who don’t do the proper paperwork when selling guns. Those guns are probably legal, if if the process by which they are sold isn’t. They are also available to law-abiding people, not just outlaws.



That’s basically the gun situation in America summarized.


I’ve seen that story before, but I thought it was the same link being reused. I didn’t realize The Onion was reusing it over and over again.



Public transportation doesn’t run early enough for me to get to my job on time. Thus, I need a car. I haven’t killed anyone with it yet.


It’s a chicken and egg situation. It doesn’t come because you keep driving. Gotta ban cars first. Then the demand will result in quality public transportation overnight.


What the fuck are people supposed to do during the in-between?


Riot and demand public transportation, but at least nobody will be hit by a car.


With thinking like this, Scott, it’s a pity you went to New York instead of California, you’d be a Silicon valley billionaire by now, like Travis Kalanick.


I coulda been, but my morals are too strong. I’d probably be in jail from murdering some evil Silicon Valley douchebags.