Good Comic News/Interesting Articles Site?

I asked this questions yeas ago on the old forum, but I was wondering if anyone knew of a good website that covered comic news, interviewed creators, and generally had interesting articles. I’m primarily looking for stuff that’s NOT Marvel or DC centered, which most of the major comic websites seem to be.

Since I posted originally about this a couple years, ago, I found a great website that pretty much fulfilled my requirements for what I was looking for, ComicsAlliance.

Unfortunately, ComicsAlliance has been discontinued by whatever faceless mass-media overlord company owns it, and I’m once again without a good comics blog.

Anyone have any good recommendations?

AFAIK, The Comics Journal is the the premiere publication for non-superhero comics news.

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Major Spoilers is pretty good, for comics of basically every type.

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Thanks, I’ll have to check those out.

I really liked Comics Alliance not only because it was a cool site that focused on a lot of under-the-radar stuff, but also because it had a lot of good articles and opinion pieces about the comics industry, and geek culture in general, from a more progressive/inclusive viewpoint.

You clearly didn’t ask for a podcast but I’m going to recommend iFanboy, who have a dated name but these 3 hosts started their podcast just over a decade ago in their early 20s in New York City and cover the entire gamut of comics equally each host has very different tastes so they don’t always agree but when they do it’s pretty much a must buy.
One has also worked in editorial at Image Comics, one is a published comic book writer (one time). Their recommendations have been published on trade paper backs and have been drawn into the background of some books. They are all adults now and have a fun time consuming media that they enjoy while making each other laugh.

All the other news I get is from artists and writers on Twitter.

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Thanks for the podcast recommendation. I may check it out, but because comics are a visual medium, I tend to prefer reading blogs, because I can see some of the artwork. The hosts do sound good though. Also, I listen to WAY too many podcasts as it is.