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Looks like Genndy Tartakovsky has a new project for CN, according to a recent trademark.


Courage the Cowardly Dog: The Complete Series is coming to DVD on October 2.

Oh, hell yeah! This is one of my favorite CN originals!



Saw Teen Titans Go! to the Movies. There’s no reason to actually watch it in a theater since the animation is exactly the same rigidity as the show aside from maybe three stylized scenes. Just felt like watching 8 episodes of TTG in a row that was all about making fun of the DC Universe/Movie Culture, but in a much inferior manner compared to The Lego Batman Movie. Not only that but they tease Season 6 of the original Teen Titans through the credits which is just made it feel all the more cynical. I’m so ready for this version of Teen Titans (Robin, Raven, Starfire, Cyborg and Beast Boy) to end and we get something new.

I’m really hoping Warner Bros soon puts all their energy into DC Super Girls.



Not a Cartoon Network show.


I know its Disney XD. Didn’t want to make a new thread for just this though.


The new Harvey Birdman special premieres October 14.


It’s uncertain whether this will actually happen or not. If it’s true, then that would be awesome.


Yesterday, OK K.O. premiered what may be its greatest episode yet, “Crossover Nexus.” K.O. teams up with Garnet, Raven, and Ben 10 to take down a powerful villain.

It’s more than just a crossover with those characters, though–the backdrop takes place in CN City and it has characters from EVERY SINGLE SHOW that CN has aired in its 26 years of history. It also references the network’s various programming blocks and classic musical cues.

Watch this episode now on CN Video and prepare yourself for one hell of a nostalgia trip.

EDIT: Here’s a Google Doc with every reference.



According to the official website, the hotel will have an amphitheater which will premiere new cartoons before anywhere else. That should make for an interesting experience.

Address: 2285 Lincoln Highway East, Lancaster, PA


Bad idea



They played this before Teen Titans Go to the Movies.

I would be so happy if this replaced TTG.


Some days I feel like the only human on earth who doesn’t mind TTG, and generally enjoys it.


I still say that the height of animated DC properties is:

  1. BTAS
  2. TTG


Reminds me of how Yogi Bear is licensed to half of the campgrounds in the US.


I love the heck out of Teen Titans: Go.

It’s charming, it’s funny, and it really gets under the skin of people who take Teen Titans waaaay too seriously.


I didn’t really pay any mind to TTG, it was another show that looked a bit childish. I then heard you talk about it on geeknights and say it was good so when bored one night I marathoned some amount of what was available at the time on netflix. It’s charming and fun.

This is coming from someone who loved the OG teen titans as a teenager. It’s ok to like both. I certainly do.