So I’ll admit that I’m not up on the latest animation news, but this show took me completely by surprise and looks pretty awesome. Definitely a Gundam meets Eva vibe to it. Also, the cast is fantastic:

But being made by the RWBY folks so proceed with caution. Likely to have ascetic but be boring and poorly written.


I’m not familiar with Rooster Teeth’s other shows, so I have no idea how the writing will be, but the art and the cast at least look top-notch.

Rooster Teeth’s best shows, IMO, are Red vs. Blue, Camp Camp, and Nomad of Nowhere.

I’m not a fan of RWBY and after seeing Gen:LOCK’s similar animation style, I’m not too thrilled by it at the moment.

Oh dear…

Well, if they crunched like that, and made something like RWBY, that pretty much puts to bed the idea that crunch is needed to make a good product on time.



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