Geeky Stuff to do in NYC (or The Insufferable Tourist Thread)

I’m heading over to NYC for my birthday weekend and I wanted to know what type of cool geeky places I can go in between being reluctantly carted around tourist landmarks. What do you guys recommend?

Geeky things to do in NYC? There aren’t really geeky locations here beyond shopping. We got Nintendo Store, LEGO store, various gaming/comic stores, etc. Some museums have some geeky things in them, like the Museum of the Moving Image.

What we have plenty of are geeky events. The major ones are tracked here:

If you have a more specific nerdy interest, you can find the meetup or group that deals with that. For example, we’ve had plenty of travelers stop at our Netrunner meetup since they don’t have much Netrunner in their home towns.

…Then he lists a bunch of geeky things to do in NYC.

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Go to the Met
The Whitney Museum is also super cool, they have a pretty fantastic interactive/digital art exhibit going on right now

They specifically asked for “cool geeky places they can go.” There are not many geeky places you can go. There are geeky events that occur in non-geeky places.

Museums are awesome, but I presume the OP was asking for geeky places along the lines of games, comics, technology, etc. If you want to use a broader definition of geeky, then everywhere you go in the city is geeky based on architecture alone.

When most people ask me for “geeky” things to do in cities, they mean game stores, arcades, and…


But yeah, if you expand outside of that, the geekiest things to do in New York involve light urban exploration, subway history, and athletics.

Into trains? Ride the 6 train off-service to see the beautiful abandoned subway station downtown at City Hall. Then ride it uptown and try to spot the old 18th street station platforms.

Into rock climbing? Go to Central Park’s famous bouldering rocks!

Runner? Run the half-marathon route along the east side. Or the west side! Or the loop around the reservoir in Central Park!

If you are in New York over the next few weeks, go see Water On Mars off broadway.

It’s literally three of the best and most exiting jugglers in the world ripping it up on stage.

Designed for space stations and and distant planets

From Plastic Boom
There’s juggling, and then there’s this. When the three-man troupe of WATER ON MARS hits the New Vic stage flinging rings, balls and clubs in hypnotic streaks of lite-brite neon, everything is extraterrestrial. Striving—and succeeding—to one-up themselves with every act, these juggling pros keep rhythm with an electro-pop soundtrack as they add bottles of water, bags of candy and rolls of toilet paper to the list of airborne objects. Just try and look away from this physical, funny and riotous performance. You can’t! Your gaze, like every object tossed into the air, will be suspended in disbelief.
“★★★★★ You can’t quite believe what you’re seeing.”
The Scotsman

“Absolutely incredible”
Yo Yo News

“A vision in neon… They infused their performance with humor and playfulness.”

Water on Mars is supported, in part, by a grant from the American-Scandinavian Foundation’s New Sweden '88 Fund.

Performance Facts
Performance Facts

55 minutes with no intermission

Tickets start at $16.
Individual prices display during seat selection.

Save with Membership discounts.
Heads Up: Parental Considerations
Heads Up:
Parental Considerations

Three-man extreme juggling. Great for groups, parties and extended family of all ages.


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I’ll be heading up to NYC towards the end of May and was wondering myself about some ideas of things to do. Traveling with my folks, and we already ordered tickets for a Wednesday matinee of Wicked. I will see about checking out the Uncommons bar and some old Subway stations look like a cool visit.

I am curious about places to eat, mostly smaller places. Neighborhood locations that have menus that stand out. Any favorites?

So my friend is dragging a bunch of us down to NYC for a week for our birthdays. Seeing as it’s my first time in NYC, is there any of the “stereotypical tourist shit” that’s actually worth it?

Check the sidebar on /r/asknyc for all this kind of info.

Most importantly. Do not make eye contact with anyone. Do not talk to anyone. Do not give money to anyone. Dancing on the subway? Pretend they don’t exist. Talking to you trying to give you a “free” CD of music? Pretend they don’t exist. In a costume trying to get you to take a photo with them? Pretend they don’t exist. Asking for a penny to help the homeless? Pretend they don’t exist and keep walking.


I mean, this is just Good City Advice in general.

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Museums! NYC has some of the best museums in the United States, and they’re remarkably cheap to go to and very worth it. The Met is gigantic, MoMA usually has interesting exhibits, the Natural History museum is super cool, and there are a bunch of smaller places that are well worth a visit (the Morgan Library is a particular favorite of mine).

If you’ve never been, I’d say think about media you’ve consumed that features NYC and go to a place or two that has emotional resonance for you. I’m not ashamed to admit that visiting the duck pond in Central Park in the middle of a blizzard the first time I visited (as an adult) was a pretty good experience.

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I am going to be in NYC this week if anyone knows of cool stuff going on or wants to grab a drink. :wink:

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I don’t know when you’re around but I’m going to be in Manhattan on Thursday for a concert. Might do the Intrepid during the day.

Cool. question for natives,
Barcade recommendations?

Has anyone heard anything about this cafe?

They applied to do a talk and want to check if the place is legit.

There was an event there once I ended up not going to. That’s all I know.

I’ve been there on multiple occasions and it is a legitimate place that exists in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. The owner seems nice enough and they serve light fare, like, cafe stuff -Croissants, muffins, coffee, tea, and of course, energy drinks.

For those in NYC soldering course where you can get access to really high end tools for free to learn.

Two new session and meetup Link