GeekNights Wednesday - The Simpsons

Tonight on GeekNights, we consider The Simpsons. It looms large in popular culture despite its trendline, and was a formative part of both our lives.

In the news, don't go to anime conventions in April, Bandai Namco Holdings consolidates its overseas subsidiaries, Ikuhara's Penguindrum gets a compilation film project, Keanu Reeves stars in BZRKR, Wookieepedia is (correctly) forced to stop deadnaming actors, Voltes V continues to go hard, The Great Pretender is not being talked about enough, and King of the Hill, unlike the topic of our show tonight, was canceled.

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To give an understanding on how big the simpsons were in their heyday.

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If you’ve got 6 hours, here’s a video reviewing all 695 episodes of The Simpsons.

Really annoyed with the difficulty of linking this directly. Whatever:

reddit link because reddit’s embedded video player is more than I care to deal with right now

I’ve never even heard of this guy, so I guess I believe it’s his

first major interview

I’ve never heard of Frank Burly either, but if they’re this short I’ll give the first one a shot:

Swartzwelder wrote and self-published the first of his thirteen novels, all but two of which feature one of the most wonderful creations in printed comedy: Frank Burly, incompetent private eye and occasional time traveller. None of the books run more than a hundred and sixty pages; all are packed, like a dense star, with more material than seems physically possible.

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How have I never heard of this person?

Without the Internet how little would I know about anything…

I believe these two videos needs to be in this thread:

This was my favorite bit. On self-publishing his novels, rather than using a traditional publisher:

a traditional publisher can arrange book tours for you, which I don’t want to go on anyway, and get your book displayed prominently in bookstores, which don’t exist anymore, and, theoretically, at least, make you more money, which I hate, but those, I think, are sacrifices worth making to have that control.


this tweet i made cascaded into and is indirectly responsible for the season 33 finale of the simpsons

What the hell


More here:

This may be of interest to @SkeleRym