GeekNights Wednesday - The Great Pretender

Tonight GeekNights, we review The Great Pretender, an anime from Hiro Kaburagi and Ryota Kosawa that you can watch right now on Netflix. In the news, the Macross/Robotech saga has (for now) been (mostly) resolved, WarnerMedia consolidates Adult Swim and HBO Max's animation teams, you can check out the Cells at Work! COVID-19 Vaccine Chapter, the Sailor Moon Eternal films are coming to Netflix, and we got the order wrong on the post-finale Adventure Time episodes.

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Anyone else notice “Pete Gabriel” is one of the pilots in the tournament bracket? After Mike Portnoy (“the famous drummer‽”), I wonder how bizarre this is going to get.

What a turd of an ending!

I thought they could have ended it about 3 episodes earlier.