GeekNights Wednesday - Star Trek: Lower Decks

Tonight on GeekNights, Rym and Emily review Star Trek: Lower Decks. Based in part on the high concept TNG episode Lower Decks, it’s worth your watch. If you’ve never seen any Star Trek before, perhaps try the first episode of this and the first episode of Strange New Worlds to see if it’s your cup of tea.

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I nearly drove off the road laughing when Emily said she likes Klingons when they go Bar Bar Bar Bar.

Listening to the podcast threw me for a loop. I thought you were setting this up at the stinger.

So I’m going to throw these out: My favorite DS9 episode has to be ‘Our Man Bashir’, if only because it gives the actors a chance to have some fun and watching Garak wrap his head around Dr. Bashir’s idea of a spy.

My favorite Star Trek series is Enterprise. Two reasons. One is that the NX-01 is designed similar to a submarine, which makes sense. Two, it’s a nice look at the early days of Starfleet and what would become the Federation. Season four is the best of the bunch.

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