GeekNights Wednesday - Spy×Family (2022)

Tonight on GeekNights, we review the 2022 anime TV series Spy×Family. It's a solid regular anime with all the crowdpleasers you could want from an anime club screening circa 2003. In the news, we are back from PAX Unplugged, Saga volume 10 continues the... saga (which we reviewed the beginning of back in 2013), Funimation's acquisition of Crunchyroll continues with SKU changes, Makoto Shinkai's Suzume will be in American theaters April 14th one night only, and Shin Ultraman is in theaters soon!

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See? I rest my case. :wink:

Season 2 and a Movie


Spy x Family is the best thing I’ve watched this season. I will admit though, the last 6 or so episodes have left me feeling a bit of “OK can we get on to whatever’s next?” It’s cute, but if it doesn’t budge I can definitely see it overstaying its welcome. Luckily, they’ve set things up to start budging in season 2!

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Yar Forger

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This is hardly a deep observation, but after a handful of episodes I note they are Forging a family in the “fabricating” sense but also the “creating” sense.


The show is full of puns.

I would have thought we were going to get more Yor missions. Also the bad spy we met somersaulting around the school.

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Season 2 has debuted today on Crunchyroll.

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Fifteen characters of ELEGANCE.

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S02E03 is a mini version of The Lives of Others, a movie I watched the other week. Weird.