GeekNights Wednesday - Retooling GeekNights Wednesday

Tonight on GeekNights we talk about GeekNights. Particularly, GeekNights Wednesdays. It's the odd duck of the show, focused not just entirely on the passive consumption of media, but constrained to specific types of media. A meta show! In the news, the Venture Brothers Movie is coming, the original Ken Sugimori Pokemon artwork is on the Internet, Makoto Shinkai's Suzume is in theaters, and there is some important meta information about this movie.

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In old houses in the UK and Ireland, never drink water from any cold tap except the one in the kitchen:


But the first one is funnier.

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Has Scott ever looked inside or cleaned out a US hot water heater?

No, but what could be in there? Nothing gets in there that isn’t also in the cold water pipes. I’m going to presume it just fills with calcium and rust deposits and such.

The thing I am more concerned with are old buildings, like Manhattan office buildings, with water towers on the roof. Basically guaranteed to be drowned rats, roaches, and all sort of other nastiness in there.

Hmm. Water towers sound like good places to discover new bacteria or viruses. I wonder if any have been found there.

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Hard to say, but if COVID taught us one thing, we have finally found the limit of what new yorkers will claim is a “New York thing.”

I’ll save you 5 minutes. It’s because they’re significantly less expensive. Even though steel ones last longer, they are way more expensive, and the wooden ones still last 30 years.

The city requires they be inspected annually, but…

I bet there’s a Legion of stuff growing in there.


Considering Geeknights has been podcasting for nearly 20 years, could Wednesdays be slotted for an ‘episode geekback’? Take an older episode and look at what has changed about it.