GeekNights Wednesday - Lookouts

Tonight on GeekNights, we review the delightful Lookouts, which had its origins in Penny Arcade itself. In the news, we hit up the MoCCA Arts Festival 2017, the Ghost in the Shell live action movie was the failure we all expected, and Freeform has ordered a new show that may involve Squirrel Girl.

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We've covered MoCCA much more deeply in the past: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, etc...

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Oh, man… I actually watched The Family Channel as a kid.

It actually wasn’t that bad. They had the Mario cartoons, game shows, and a bunch of Hanna-Barbera stuff–perfect for a young, impressionable kid from the 80s. If you avoided Pat Robertson’s religious crap, the lineup was actually pretty decent.

Then in 1997, Fox and Saban bought the channel via a joint venture and turned it into Fox Family. That channel was a mixed bag. There were some okay shows (Mr. Bill, The New Addams Family) and a bunch of crap.

In 2001, Disney acquired Saban Entertainment and transformed it into ABC Family. I didn’t bother watching that one; it’s the most bland the channel has ever been, and it’s not any better as Freeform–new name, same shit.

The only good live action movies based on an anime I can think of is Speed Racer.

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RE Live Action Movies Based on Anime/Manga: Edge of Tomorrow aka Live Die Repeat is actually alright. It’s based on the manga All You Need is Kill. Yes, it does star Tom Cruise, but they actually leverage that “oh gross, it’s Tom Cruise” feeling in service of the character development. Also, compared to other time travel plots, they do a decent job of putting most of the “but why don’t they just do x?” arguments those kind of plots usually raise to rest. Amazing? No. A solid B+? Yeah.


The movie was so surprisingly enjoyable that Hollywood needed to change the title last-minute in a half-hearted attempt to ruin it.

Wait, there was a Manga, too? I only knew about the novel.

[quote=“RobotMitchell, post:7, topic:617, full:true”]
Wait, there was a Manga, too? I only knew about the novel.
[/quote]Yep. Illustrated by the Death Note/Bakuman/Hikaru No Go dude, Takeshi Obata.

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I liked the last minute of that movie.