GeekNights Wednesday - Little Witch Academia (series)

Tonight on GeekNights, beyond our review of the original Little Witch Academia short, we review the full canon of the Little Witch Academia anime. In the news, Dan Slott is leaving Spider Man behind for a different man, Aggretsuko is going to be a Sanrio x Netflix anime, and Judge Anime By Its Cover: Winter 2017 is available for your enjoyment.

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At this rate you can do Monty Python week with the amount of material you have:

Monday - Flying Circus
Tuesday - Holy Grail
Wednesday - Life of Brian
Thursday - Everything else

It’s true. Everyone from our country has a bit of a problem with the other country. All from a game of sports getting out of hand! I’m glad I’m not involved with anything to do with that other country. What a pickle that things are getting so out of hand!

I remember the 2008 non-Python episode! It was a rant against Randi Bullshit.

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Tested the AWS Transcribe SDK on this episode

Access denied. Gotta change them perms or upload elsewhere.

Fixed. Curious to know what you think of the idea.

In its current form it’s incomprehensible.

So, geeknights then. :wink:
It might be best used to enhance search.

As someone who looked into theses services, that is exactly the correct format. The next test is to check to see how accurate it is and if you can sync it to the video easily.

It’s not super accurate but not bad. It should be easy to sync to video because each word is given a timestamp in the json.

Unless the word error rate is extremely low (< 10%), the best use is searching for words of interest.

I can’t find it, but I remember that you did do a show on Monty Python’s Flying Circus. I remember it vividly, because you all were doing the voices whenever you would say the title of the show, or a bit from it.

(Sorry if this seems like a repeat, I accidentally posted on the wrong episode. I’m more behind than I thought.)

All of Monty Python is coming to Netflix.