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Tonight on GeekNights, we review the Dr Stone anime. If nothing else, it moves fast. In the news, Archive of Our Own won a Hugo, Sony keeps Spiderman out of Disney's monopolistic clutches (for now), BronyCon comes to an end, and if you didn't know, Neil Gaiman did the English adaptation of Mononoke Hime.

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Drum solo?

So random question prompted by the thing of the day that I never thought of before. Is sheet music written such that pages can be turned while still continuously playing, is it up to creative formatting, or is it just memorizing the sections of songs more quickly on page breaks so that you can turn the page early/late once you reach a section where it’s possible? Do you just need to memorize entire songs that have no easy breaks? I assume there are plenty of mechanical/electrical sheet turners nowadays, but what did people do before that?

I apologize if this is a stupid question but I have literally zero musical knowledge.

When I played clarinet in middle and early high school it was never an issue. I didn’t consciously think about this problem, and it never caused a problem.

I’m trying to remember from when I played clarinet in elementary and middle school, I seem to remember we memorized through the end of the music and tried to turn the page when we had a rest near the end of the page or played through if we could.

When I played piano as a kid - it was only briefly, and I wasn’t very good - it seemed to be a case of either someone turning the sheet for you if you were inexperienced, and the experienced players would know, either by reading ahead or sheer practice and memorization, when they’d have a hand free to flip a page.

My teacher used to describe it as more of an aid, anyway - you’d have learned the song, and know how to play it, but the sheet music would be more like a reminder, if you lost your place, or forgot the next bit. Sort of like how you know the lyrics to a song, but you forget a verse, imagine if you had a little cheat-sheet of the lyrics to help you out.

A note for the podcast for words to actually mean things:

Don’t say “I’ll read up on the spoilers later” say “I’ll read up on the plot later”. Spoilers aren’t story. Spoilers aren’t plot. Don’t give in to considering any knowledge about a story to be a “spoiler” because that just isn’t what the word means.

By definition, if you don’t care any more about a story enough for it to be spoiled by hidden knowledge revelations, then nothing is spoiled for you. If you check out the wikipedia page in a few years, it’s not being spoiled for you but actually what you want!

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I memorized most of the technical aspects of every song I played, and the sheet music was more of a guide to remind me of the nuance, context, etc… No one (good) is relying entirely on the sheet music. It’s like GPS: I’m still relying on my own knowledge and skill along the way and the GPS is just a guide.

Gigs are another thing. There’s a different sort of skill in playing entirely from the sheet music. Especially if it’s uncommon/unknown music. You usually have a handful of practices before a performance at most, and you drop some nuance to ensure you play exactly what’s written on the page.

It’s like DDR. You shouldn’t have to look at each note to play it. You scan lines, get the gist, recognize the patterns, and just let them come out of your hands and mouth while you’re scanning ahead to the next line.

I never even consciously noticed that I was turning pages once I was good. It just happened.

At the current point in the manga we have some clues but no definitive answer to the secret of space. But with what we know so far most of your guesses are ruled out.

A few spoilers from the manga
  • Girl is god tier at arts and crafts.

  • Science guy stumbles onto a village, forms “The Kingdom of Science”

  • There is a tournament ark. It’s about fighting. Main characters aren’t really fighters. Hilarity ensues.

  • There are other characters that are anime-level of specialist in their fields

  • There is indeed a war between science kingdom and the fighting guy’s faction. It is currently resolved.

  • They do want to turn someone to stone in order to heal him but they don’t have the technology yet so they put him in a freezer.

  • The above-mentioned cryogenic chamber is just one example of ridiculous inventions they make.

  • On several occasions they show a technology tree of what they need to acquire to reach the goal they want and then proceed to show how they get each step with what they currently had.

  • More hilarity ensues.

Thanks. My suspicions were correct. I don’t need to watch any more of this. I just would like to know the actual secret of the stone, and I hope it’s not disappointing crap like the secret of the titans.

Since Boichi is involved, I’ll get around to reading it eventually, I’ll let you know.

We’re currently at the point where they’re


Infiltrating a village that has the stonifying technology in order to get it, so we’ll be getting some answers soon.

I gotta say all this talk about researching tech & punching lions and wearing their skin has a real Kingdom Death vibe to it.

The Dr. Stone is the One Piece, and it was hidden in the Basement this whole time.

And it was the friends we made along the way.


BTY Rym you forgot that you enjoyed the show from the 2000’s called “Wolverine and the X-men”

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So we officially know the secret of space with regard to what the stone thing is:


It’s a small futuretech object about the size of a small baseball or large chestnut. On the Stonification Day, for some reason thousands rained down upon the earth and flashed everyone and were destroyed by the last remaining non-stoned humans. They’re voice-activated. We also know that the person who stoned Earth, or a decendent/follower of theirs, is still alive and has a base on the moon. The current plan is that they’re heading to the US to raid it for supplies and create a rocket ship to the moon to confront “Why-man”.


That spoiler is honestly better than I expected.

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