GeekNights Wednesday - Dororo (2019)

Tonight on GeekNights, we review the Dororo anime that recently came out (as opposed to the one from 50 years ago). It's a telling of Tezuka's Dororo manga with a modern sensibility. In the news, Gundam NT is apparently Gundam "Nice Try," you may recall our review of Gundam F91 from 2006, Battle Angel Alita is inexplicably good, and Katsucon turned itself into a closed profile event, something MAGFest should also do.

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There are two metrics to judge a space heater:

  1. does it catch fire?

  2. does it smell like it caught fire?

EDIT: that said, I’m pretty sure the main causes of fire are the cables and plugs

I don’t know if Dororo should be the sequel to Totoro or Durarara.

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I’m genuinely confused by this news.

According to the link provided, Katsucon is now a “close profile” event. That means that only people wearing or obtaining badges, other guests at the Gaylord, or people with confirmed restaurant or spa appointments can be in the Gaylord.

Doesn’t that just about cover everyone who would be in the Gaylord during Katsucon or MAGFest? How does this make everyone else safer?

Is there a group of people who don’t fall under one of the above categories that somehow infiltrates the Gaylord and causes trouble for other people? I honestly don’t know.

Uh, yes. There are a metric fuckton of people who lobbycon. They come to the con and hang out in any area they can access without ever actually buying a badge.


I have honestly never heard of Lobbyconners before. The statement makes a lot more sense now.

It’s actually a big problem for some cons that are in more public cities (like Boston) where you can’t really control who’s in the greater Con area. I’m sure @DMLou is or knows a few people who rage at Lobbyconners.

I haven’t personally heard anything about Lobbyconners causing an issue at Anime Boston, but then again, I’m not on the security staff, so generally I don’t hear a lot of the horror stories involving that aspect of the con.

That said, Lobbyconners are supposedly pretty common at tech cons – sometimes the best content is actually in the lobby and not in the actual presentation rooms. However, given the different audience (a generally more mature audience), I don’t think they’ve caused any sorts of issues.

Problems caused by lobbyconners are usually directly related to the architecture of the convention space and how the convention attendees inhabit and use that space. The Gaylord’s structure just makes it a perfect place for people to come and enjoy a lot of the con without buying a badge. I presume events have to pay extra to be a closed profile event, but it’s necessary in that space. MAGFest should follow suit.

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I realized something at Katsucon. I don’t dislike cons. I dislike going to cons with more people than my wife. My wife and I both had a kinda meh time, but discussing it afterward we both agreed we’d have had better time if we’d gone by ourselves and not with three friends.

I’ve always felt that there’s a very different skill set involved in being a good con friend vs. a good general friend. The primary is if you can understand when to seperate and do your own thing.

This was exactly the issue. We encouraged our friends to go to stuff they wanted to, we weren’t going to be mad if they did their own thing. But none if them would do it but also didn’t want to go do the stuff we wanted to do. So we didn’t do much. And without going too deep into it there’s some other stuff with mental health issues going on where we were not comfortable just ditching our friends for a bit.

Are you literal or metaphorical friends with the Technology Connections guy? Do an episode with him!