GeekNights Wednesday - Dissolving Classroom and Wrecked Hearts

Tonight on GeekNights we review two great short comics: Junji Ito's Dissolving Classroom and Mathilde Kitteh / Luca Oliveri's Wrecked Hearts. One is Japanese body horror, and the other is dark scifi shoujo. In the news, the core of anime torrents has died, the 3D Breath of the Wild is (obviously) taken down, Ghibli movies are in theaters, and all of Utena is free legally on youtube.

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Things of the Day

Episode Links

The Utena links to the Tampa Bay Ghibli article.

Also the Breath of the Wild that got taken down was 2D.

Question about your city criteria of either football or two other national sports. Does MLS count yet?

Definitely not. That’s in the “any five” list at best.

What is an “any five” list?

A list of sports from which you count as a city if you have a local team for any five of them.

(It’s not an actual thing: it’s a dumb thing that evolved from our conversation in and before this episode…)

An American city is a real city if it can meet any one of these sets of criteria.

  1. An NFL team

  2. Any two teams from the list of: NBA, MLB, NHL

  3. Any five teams from the list of: NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS, Premier Volleyball League, PRO Rugby, NLL/MLL, and other minor national sports.

TIL New England is a real city.

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It almost has the population for one :wink:

Green Bay is really in a weird situation relative to every other pro sports franchise.

Ah right. I heard the podcast, but didn’t quite catch the final step in that.

Weird that in the USA, with “major leagues” of sports franchises that can move to different cities (e.g. Chargers) a city can lose city status by losing a team.

Meanwhile, in the rest of the world, there aren’t static leagues in all sports, but a city could still lose city status if their team is relegated.

Thankfully Berlin will be safe even if Hertha BSC are relegated because we’ll still have the Eisbär (Ice Hockey), Alba (basketball), Füchse (Handball) and probably many other sports teams I don’t know.

America is really weird about sports. It’s such a huge industry that crosses so many lines, it arguably should be under the purview of our federal government.

It is strange when you think about it. How did sport as a whole become such a huge thing? Sports themselves are older than ancient Greece. But the modern industry of sports seems to be relatively new. Most of the current major modern sports really only began to take shape in the early 20th century. Yet now we are at a point where sports gets a dedicated section in almost any news publication or broadcast. There are numerous sports TV networks, many dedicated to just a single sport. Even if you do something completely unrelated to sports, like shopping for clothes, they find some way to rear their head.

A large percentage of the population clearly cares about sports, but it still seems as if it is far less than half. Yet, these large professional sports organizations wield enormous power and influence over our society. Yet all they are doing is playing games!

What are you doing with a comma in the middle of this sentence? Why is it there? This is a new thing with people writing English, and it’s bugging the hell out of me.

That’s not intentional. Just a lack of proof-reading. Removed it.

It’s a kind of comma I’m seeing more and more in English. There are times when it should be there in German, but not English.