GeekNights Wednesday - DEVILMAN crybaby

Tonight on GeekNights, is he a MAN? A DEVIL? A DEVILMAN? We consider the recent hit DEVILMAN crybaby, which has been generating surprising interest and may well be the first introduction of a new generation of anime fans to Go Nagai. Directed by Masaaki Yuasa, it's evocative of the ultra-violent OAVs of 90s US anime fandom, but with a modern sensibility. Warning: it's ultra ultra violent.

In the news, DANCE RUSH is up our alley in a way no game has been since DDR, and Rym and Emily have a no-spoiler review of Black Panther. We will also be live at PAX East!

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Tha’s my TotD, which is why the other video was posted.

I’m sure that makes sense once I listen to the episode, I’ll get around to that.
1:03 has the part you want.

Recently saw this video where they hook up a laptop to send MIDI commands to a gigantic church organ and then expirement with the stops to produce interesting music. It culminates with playing Bohemian Rapsody. Great video, I’d love to see what could be done by composing and practicing some musical performance this way - that is, computer controlled notes but human controlled organ voice selection. Maybe over the next 25-75 years as religion withers.

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Random fact - One of my Neighbours is an Organ repairman, specializing in giant pipe organs. He’s about 85 years old, and so tight that when he pulls out a coin the queen blinks from the light, but he’s also worked on pretty much every famous pipe organ in the country, and is a decent player to boot.

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