GeekNights Wednesday - Chainsaw Man

Tonight on GeekNights, we review the delightful Chainsaw Man manga. In the news, Amanda Gorman gave a legendary reading at Joe Biden and Kamala Harris's inauguration, Hilda continues to impress with its second season, and Scott's been reading through his Oglaf books.

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Amanda Gorman stole the show at the inauguration. She upstaged Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez, which is no mean feat.

In my RSS reader the Oglaf feed always says “1 page” or “2 pages” so I know to click through to see more pages after the first, but I totally understand how you can miss those extra comics and only discover them in the printed book.

The Magfest video was so weird to me, as I’m so used to the Geeknights/panel pacing that having Scott say something and then have no response from Rym felt wrong. Just moving onto the next point with a joke or comment? Wrong.

Note to Rym: you keep using the word “spoiler” incorrectly. The word you should be using is “twist” or “reveal” or “foreshadowing” or “cliffhanger”. A spoiler is external to the story or media, not part of it.

For the MAGFest drama, in short things are improving but there is nothing else to report. I will let you all know the rundown once things play out which is going to be several months. Feel free to ignore it until I mention it again.

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I read Chainsaw Man Vol. 9 last night. WOW.

Has a lot of those feelings like Evangelion episodes 22-23. Not the end, but the really dark times preceding the end, but there are at least two more volumes coming!

Just read the penultimate volume last night. Looks like the last one is coming out in June.