GeekNights Wednesday - Centaurworld

Tonight on GeekNights, we review Centaurworld. It's on Netflix, Rym loves it, and it's a musical. In the news, Initial D is getting a successor anime with MF Ghost. The Ghost is selling cars too, Mr. Boop is getting a deluxe hardcover book, and Rym has some thoughts on SK8 the Infinity.

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I was obsessed with SK8 Infinity when it came out last year. Such a fun and ridiculous show. It strikes a good balance between being pretty crass and very charming while being over the top about everything. Holding out hopes that Tribe Nine, which is about Extreme Baseball in dystopian future Japan, will fill a similar niche for the current anime season.

And I guess I have to watch Centaurworld now. Sounds very interesting and I’ve already seen memes from that show online without knowing their origin, till now.

Would have sworn that I knew about that fake English, Italian song from listening to GeekNights. Mandela Effect?

Shawn White wins X Games gold for vert skateboard.

Shawn White wins Olympic gold medal in halfpipe snowboard.


Drones can be very good for capturing car racing:

Radio range isn’t an issue with this track, so can even be used for a live broadcast.

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Yes, radio range is no issue for a track. But Initial D “tracks” are public mountain roads.

There are autonomous and semi-autonomous drones. They’ll literally follow you circling and recording.

Consumer ones can keep up with mid-speed skiers, but they do drain their batteries pretty quickly if you’re making them go fast for too long. But commercial ones? There are some serious camera drones out there.

The transmission range on even the cheapest DJI(which isn’t even in production anymore, but you can still get refurbs and old stock) is 2 and change klicks on stock equipment. A Mavic 2 Pro will do 8, with more than enough quality and low enough latency to be able to fly without worry, again on stock equipment, no boosters or antennas. And they’ll do it while shooting 4k, 30-60fps video the whole time, depending on the model.

There are other, larger drones, DJI and not, that will match that, or exceed it, and will do so with more than enough flight time to catch an entire run or race. And there are definitely drones that can keep up with just about anything short of an an F1 car or V8 supercar. (Well, and drag car, but it’s not exactly a complex track.)

Dang, that is some range.

Found the song on YouTube. Adriano Celentano & Raffaella Carrà Prisencolinensinainciusol - YouTube

Oh yeah, it’s wild what they can do with them these days. It’s getting to the point where they’re basically using cell phone tech plus some extra refinements(basically tuning for use case) for transmission. And plus, since they know the route, it’s also possible to just drop repeaters down the way, and you could get all the distance you need, assuming you’ve got the batteries to keep it in the air. For example, there’s these two videos, same time, same location:

And you can see in the Behind the scenes video at 9:59 how far away from the location they were to fly it, with just consumer-grade FPV gogs and off the shelf antennas.

Interesting that “too many cars” is one of the few discernable phrases in the nonsense English song.

Drone shot of an entire mountainside race course, with the main issue being radio signal loss when flying through houses:


That was super cool and really impressive.

I thought the over-dramatization, suspenseful music, and annoying narrator/host detracted from the actual experience though.

So go modern promotional videos for energy drinks.