GeekNights Wednesday - Beastars

Tonight on Geeknights, we review the Beastars anime. It's pretty great. If you're looking for a dark psychosexual thriller that somehow evokes both Revolutionary Girl Utena and Sanctuary, this is the show for you! In the news, Japan Post has suspended international mail to many countries, if the Olympics are delayed past 2021 they will be canceled instead, Diamond Distributors plans to resume operations on May 20th, Ducktales season 2 is pretty good, and Tomm Moore's highly anticipated Wolfwalkers is still coming, but it might be an Apple exclusive stream.

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Beastars is good.

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That Mouseguard TotD is legit, the Gunnerkrigg Court dude does the same type of comic commentary for all of his chapters, it’s super insightful.


An addition to you news about Comics, here is an in-depth breakdown of that scenario and how former Super Art Fighters would solve the problem.

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