GeekNights Wednesday - Batman

Tonight on GeekNights, we talk about DC's Batman. In the news, it was a big NYC election, PAX West is happening in-person (but we won't be there), Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway is coming, you can get started on Gundam right here, Tuca and Bertie season 2 is great so far, Uzumaki is coming, and Intern Annika has arrived.

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You were dancing around Batman beyond in the show. It is the cyberpunk batman you wanted.

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Batman Beyond came on TV just as I was moving on to college and stopped watching TV. All I know of it is that it was the Batman cartoon that came after BTAS.

You should check it out, its got BTAS but Cyberpunk and it does a really great job with its villains and expanding on themes and ideas from BTAS.

There also was at least one series where Bruce Wayne’s billions funded someone else to be a Batman. It was called Batwing, and was part of the New 52 that you read. He was the Batman of Africa, fighting against the corrupt police forces in the Congo and helping the people of those third world nations.

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I was reminded about this earlier today.

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I would give Batman: The Brave and the Bold a try since it does a wonderful job of giving us a silver age Batman, without the goofiness of the 60s TV series.

If Rym is interested in a more ‘detective’ Batman, the manga might be a good choice. Created in the 1960’s, the Batman in this one is more scientific detective than villain punching crime fighter.

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