GeekNights Wednesday - Adventure Time: Final Thoughts

Tonight on GeekNights, we have our final thoughts on the full run of Adventure Time. It's a phenomenal show: there's no other way to say it. We did a mini review back in 2014. Rym didn't even start watching the show until What Was Missing premiered. From the original short in 2008 to the perfect last episode, this show is a treasure.

In the news, Castle of Cagliostro and Penguin Highway are playing in NYC, Monkey Punch has passed on, and you can finally read the end of Initial D. Our Rare Game Mechanics and The Real Harm of Games panels are on youtube!

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Guy Richie made Snatch, but his other two good movies are Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, and The Man From UNCLE. I prefer both to Snatch, which is admired as a good movie but left me pretty cold.

It always catches me out how GeekNights is a podcast I really enjoy, with hosts I find entertaining… and yet one out of every four episodes I have zero interest in the topic. It’s usually only once you get past the news and into the things of the day that I realise I’ve not understood any of the references, any of the terminology, any of the concepts or why things are interesting and why you’re talking about them.

I’ve been listening to the same jargon for years, but still have no idea what you mean with most of the words. Like what the hell is a “mow-ay” show? no idea. But I’ve heard that word on this podcast since maybe 2006 or whenever, and I’ve still not been interested enough to even look up how it is spelled, let alone googled to see what it means.

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Not knowing the answer wasn’t my point.

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Having nerds who learn all the things about all the other nerdy areas IS the point of GeekNights. Make sure those anime nerds learn something about games and make sure those gaming nerds learn something about computers, and so on.

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Anime is shit for children.

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Wow dude. Way to be a dick to half the people in the forum.

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No no no. I only mean that to be for Scott.


Really ironically hilarious coming from a professional juggler. What anime have you even seen?


You say that, but I’ve seen a lot of anime fans who are children, can’t say I’ve ever seen any children who were professional jugglers. Though I genuinely would buy a ticket to that show if it was in town.

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What I mean is that someone who is a professional juggler should understand the frustration of having other people write off their entire art form as “shit for children.” Therefore I would expect that they would not do that exact same thing to other art forms.

I dunno dude, I write for a living, and still joke about how people - including and or especially writers - need to get a real job. It really only bothers me when my parents say it.

(I am joking, I should be clear, my parents do not actually say that. They said it once each, and I got very cross with them, then they stopped.)

For some reason, my favourite episode is James Baxter. It just makes me happy every time.


Which of the two JB episodes? They’re both way good.

Oh man, there are two???
The first one i think, where F and J try to make their own call.

Which is the 2nd??

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best joke about that I’ve heard from an English professor is when one of his writer friends was at a party and the person they were talking with said “yeah I figure once I retire I’ll pick up writing” they responded with “yeah, once I retire from writing I think I’ll take up surgery”

This is a long way from the point of my post too.

Here’s the thing: you say you want to “having nerds learn all the things about all the other nerdy areas” but I don’t see any connection between Japanese kids cartoons and the other things you talk about on the show.

I’m into science and technology, and enjoy loads of other media about science and technology, including a lot of my YouTube viewing, and a handful of other podcasts.

I really enjoy computer games and, while I don’t play board games much any more, I’m super into game design. I can also get deep into various sports, listen to podcasts about them, and follow things like blogs about tennis analytics. Games are a big part of my life.

I like the bookclub episodes, of course, as I have a book podcast myself. I listen to other book podcasts too. Your Thursday shows about “everything else” are fun, with a mix of talking about life and food and general society. All good.

What is it about Japanese kids cartoons that make that part of the set of default geeky things I should care about? The only connection is YOU, the hosts of geeknights. Anime is one of your things. If I had a podcast with four different topics, I’d probably have overlap with tech and games and society, but the fourth thing wouldn’t be comics or anime. It’s not part of my world.

If your fourth topic was cosplay, I’d also not be into it. If it was birdwatching or train spotting, I’d also not be into it. If it was rock climbing, I’d also not be into it. If it was about old horror movies? Not into it.

I’m three quarters overlapping with the geeknights venn diagram, but in over a decade of listening, nothing you’ve ever said about any anime has made think or feel “hey, I should go out of my way to check that out”. I don’t even see the anime manga threads on this forum because I opted out years ago.

However, when someone mentions an anime, I’ve heard of it. I’ve heard of a LOT of anime shows, and could probably have long conversations about good shows and individual episodes without giving away the fact that I’ve never seen them.

Which is weird, I guess.