GeekNights Tuesday - Wolfspell

Tonight on GeekNights, we are joined by Epidiah Ravachol to talk about his fantastic Wolfspell. The tabletop roleplaying game of adventurers who turn to wolf flesh to fulfill a knotted quest. First appearing in issue two of Worlds Without Master, Wolfspell has been reborn now in print as the liner notes of a trifold album cover and illustrated in glorious proggy/metal fashion by Shel Kahn!

We also talk about calculators. It's great. Be a wolf.

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First guest since… freelance astronomer‽

This morning I finished the Wolfwalkers movie review episode, and next up is Wolfspell. Is this a theme week for the WolfNights podcast?

It’s definitely wolf season.


BNA (with the Hot Wolf)

Beastars (with the Angsty Wolf)


Wolf Children


Spice and Wolf




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Prediction for Monday: Wolfram Alpha