GeekNights Tuesday - The Jackbox Party Pack 10

Tonight on the 18th anniversary of the first episode of GeekNights, we review The Jackbox Party Pack 10. It’s got the streamlined TKO 2 and a trivia game that’s like the ones we like. In the news, Rym keeps playing Overwatch, Super Mario Wonder is good fun, and Deltarune 3 and 4 will come out sooner than anticipated.

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I also had no emotional attachment in Overwatch, got frustrated with it, killed a NPC when I “shouldn’t” have done, and gave up on the game a few minutes later. I didn’t know enough about the game before playing it to play it the “right” way, and the game itself didn’t communicate that to me well enough to be effective.

There are NPCs?

I only play the primary team competitive mode. It’s just 10 people on two teams doing mirror matches.

Oops I meant undertale.

I would argue there isn’t a correct way to play Undertale. It has different endings depending on what you do. I get getting bored though, if it doesn’t suck you in with it’s weird sense of humor then don’t bother with it.

I didn’t know it had different endings. Like I said, I didn’t know enough about it to have the right expectations going in, and the game didn’t do enough within the game itself to set those expectations. I was left with a game with sporadic fun moments surrounded by boringness and ugly visuals.

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