GeekNights Tuesday - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

I’ve decided I’m pro move-buffering.

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Those of you who skipped Smash 4 may not have realized there was a shit ton of cosmetic DLC for it. All sorts of Mii Fighter costume pieces for <$1 a pop, but also in more expensive bundle packs. So much of it.

It’s coming to Smash 5. You can ignore it. It’s purely cosmetic.


Joker’s kinda fun, but doesn’t seem that strong to my inexperienced eye. He’s too reliant on Arsane being out, otherwise a lot of his moves (especially his neutral-B) are just pointlessly bad.

I can’t wait for the next Smash Bros game to come out so I can play it for one day again


I don’t know why I bought it, but at least Jeremy got a lot of play.

I always fall into the trap of remembering nostalgia from playing Melee with friends when it first came out and how much I enjoyed it, forgetting the fact that now most people I know either don’t have time to play it or practice it/study it to the point of it not being fun to go against.

I was killing time at a friend’s place and… wow, Smash is so visually busy and unhelpful that it was more like trying to read a book on a roller coaster than play a game.

Smash bros à la Saltybet.

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Goku always wins

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