GeekNights Tuesday - Stacklands (2022)

Tonight on GeekNights, we review Stacklands (2022). In the news, Counter-Strike 2 is likely coming, Disco Elysium gets a collage mode, and DPReview falls victim to Amazon layoffs and capitalism.

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Scott’s Thing of the Day: the worst ever thing of the day? I blame Rym.

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I can not deny my thing of the day barrel is running low. The cause is reading a lot less Internets.

Still vastly more Internet than most people, but way way less. I continue to unsubscribe, unfollow, and delete so many incoming feeds. I don’t feel like I’m missing anything at all from them other than my source of Things of the Day.

If only there was some math class Scott could take, so he could integrate all that information and calculate an answer.

If you don’t find the shortcut anyway.

I mean, you could integrate, but there is a much easier way that even a middle school student can come up with.

Okay I’ve actually had time to think about it, and…


knowing there is a “trick” makes me realize it is a time based problem not a distance based problem, as all the “per hour” parts are the same. I mean, just work out how long it takes the two cars to hit each other. The bee is flying that entire time. How fast is the bee? How long is it flying? I don’t remember the exact figures in the podcast. But if the cars crash in 30 minutes and the bee is flying at 100mph, the answer is 50 miles.

Please never do a riddle or math problem as a TOTD ever again.

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Kind of knew this would happen, but it’s good that it’s actually happening. I highly recommend making monthly recurring donations to Internet Archive if you are able.

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So awesome!

You didn’t need integration to solve it. There’s a not-obvious shortcut that will come if you think about the constraints long enough.

We can do RotD. New riddle every show separate from things of the day =P

TotDT. Thing of the Day Tournament.

Last seed: the time Scott told a word problem
#1 seed: … actually what is the greatest TotD?

Regarding Marvel Snap, they made a lot of small changes to ensure newer players can unlock cards faster. You do have to grind some time to get all of the series 3 cards, but that’s your own choice.

It’s still far from ideal.

You can cross “likely” out of that sentence. The beta is out now!
Here’s how to join the early release.

Is Stacklands the single player version of One Hour One Life?

No, but I can see why you might see a resemblance.

I played for an hour. Kind of feels like an RTS where you have to remember the recipes for everything and manually move around all the resources :slightly_frowning_face:

You can pause. All the recipes are listed. You can reference them at any time.

I know. It’s just a lot more stuff than “click the hovertank button” and you get a hovertank 42 seconds later.