GeekNights Tuesday - Slay the Spire

Tonight on GeekNights, despite Scott having a plague, we consider the excellent Slay the Spire (PC), still in early access and already well worth your time. It's a single-player roguelike deckbuilder. In the news, Rym will see about bringing Fireball Island to PAX East (where we'll be performing live), Smash Brothers is coming to Switch, and you lost your hour for the greater good.

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Bought a copy of Slay the Spire last night. Only played two rounds. I’m enjoying it so far. I didn’t really pay attention but are the paths randomized each time you play? First go I tried to take the path of least resistance. And got pretty far. Second go I ended up fighting enemy after enemy after enemy. And promptly got wrecked. I’m looking forward to playing more tonight. A mobile option for this game needs to happen also.

Yes, it is random each time.

The daily challenge is locked in and the same for everybody, but changes once a day.

One thing I’ve noticed about Slay the Spire. You want the best deck possible by the time you reach the second boss, then on the third level bypass as many encounters as you possibly can.

In the latest patch, Deca and Donu now have dancing animations.

They’ve had that for awhile. Switch to beta branch.

Speaking of Fireball Island at PAX East, this is now a thing:

Fireball Island Kickstarter

For those of use who can’t make it to PAX East (Or don’t have the time at PAX)

So if anyone is looking for the odd break between mech battles, the Slay the Spire beta has the third character up. Play a game as the Ironclad to unlock the Silent, then play as the Silent to unlock the Defect.

You’re a few weeks behind the times. But yes, I’ve pretty much only been playing the third character except when the daily is for one of the other two. It’s very hard to win with, but by far the most fun.

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Slay the Spire released, no longer in early access!

iOS port, please.

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We just gotta be patient. Probably getting it in 2019. They are smart not announcing any dates until something is a done deal.

If/when Slay the Spire is released on mobile devices, I am pretty much doomed.

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Q: What’s next for the team?

A: Ports and more content for STS! We aren’t 100% sure what that content looks like yet, but I expect new characters to come out at some point.

Switch is all I need. STS on Switch is the best timekiller for a medium-length trip or average wait in a waiting room.

Also really great to play during the slow parts of a hockey game.

Honestly, I’m of the opinion that all games I want to play should be on the Switch.

Switch, Laptop, or my actual main PC.

I’m not going to whip my Switch out on the subway, and I need something to play when the Switch is occupied. :stuck_out_tongue:

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If I’m going anywhere further than Astoria or midtown, I’ll definitely whip my Switch out on the subway.