GeekNights Tuesday - Risk of Rain

Tonight on GeekNights, we review Risk of Rain and Risk of Rain 2. They both have a number of unique, interesting, and well-designed mechanics, but in the end feel more like proofs of concept than complete games. In the news, PAX West is live, MAGFest dates are announced, Fortnite banned some cheaters for a little while, but still let them into the World Cup, and Barkley 2 lost its roots.

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Having played a good amount of ROR and ROR2, I have to say that, even in its limited early access state right now, ROR2 is by far the better experience because I can bring friends over functional steamworks multiplayer and it becomes a shared rougelike experience. Also the difficulty of having to actually target things and look for them in a 3d space makes it more engaging vs the 2d implementation in the first game (as much as I loved it) and I think the exploration mechanics shine a little better in the 3d spaces.