GeekNights Tuesday - Quake 2 Remastered

Tonight on GeekNights, having somehow never talked about Quake (except for Quake Live in 2009, we discuss Quake 2 and the Quake 2 Remaster. In the news, the Atari 7800 is back legit, Charles Martinet is moving on, and Marvel Snap is paying people to watch Twitch streams with .pngs in their app.

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Pro librarian tip. Look up kdl what’s next on the search engine. It’s a site where it tells you what books are in a particular series in order. It’s been a go to place for me working here.

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No support Tour de France is kind of a thing.

The movie Icarus is about it at the beginning. Watch Icarus! It’s really good, and that’s like the fifth most interesting thing in it.

Check out Lachlan Morton, who did the Tour de France self-supported in 2021, including riding between all of the individual stages! He finished his “alternate TdF” in Paris five days ahead of the real racers.

“ In part, it was an homage to the early days of the Tour de France, when all Tour cyclists actually rode self-supported and took on incredibly grueling stages, even longer than today’s standards. Similarly, for fueling, he relied on whatever he could carry with him and local establishments. He even camped along the way, his bike loaded up with a sleeping pad, cook stove, and more.”


Kevin Afghani is the new voice of Mario.