GeekNights Tuesday - PAX West 2023

Tonight on GeekNights, we review and discuss PAX West 2023. The new venue is fantastic and it felt a lot like PAXes from the golden age of PAX. In the news, Scott suffered Airport Adventures yet made it to Chicaco, Steam (and our Steam accounts) are 20 years old, and the Unity game engine destroys itself with an actively hostile monetization model that is somehow worse than we expected from their 2022 merger with evil.

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Was kind of surprised to hear that PAX West wasn’t completely sold out this year since Sakura-Con definitely was. And Sakura-Con was, according to the organizers, the first convention to use the entirety of the new Seattle Convention Center and almost all of the old convention center as well. Some of the panel rooms in the new space even had the new carpet smell still. Agree with you guys that the new convention center looks beautiful. Although I still really super appreciate the the Brutalist-ish architecture of the old space.

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