GeekNights Tuesday - Online Game Servers

Tonight on GeekNights, we discuss the history and current state of online game servers. Rising primarily out of competitive FPSs like Quake and Counter Strike back in the day, they were often the only way to play with a reliable community of people. There weren't matchmaking or friend lists or anything like that.

In the news, Rym and Emily are back from PAX where they did a panel on losing, Scott is back from Costco, the Nintendo Direct had a bunch of things to talk about, and GeekNights will have a roughly three week hiatus between Rym and Emily biking 500 miles and Rym going on a business trip.

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The only coverage of the New Kirby game that I saw was this

It is a Kirby theme of fall guys that has a ton of custom stuff you can unlock the more you play. Not my cup of tea but wouldn’t object to play it at a party.

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Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon was my first online multiplayer game, that I can remember.

I don’t even remember how I found servers back then.

I think I used a multiplayer client called Xfire. (It still exists!)

I only ever played the pistol only matches and it’s where I learned how much I sucked at shooters lol.

The maps were basically bootleg Counter Strike maps, but I played too many hours on that game until that community died.

It’s also when I first chose my handle ‘Dazzle’, because my shooting skills were so Dazzling.

I moved onto Unreal Tournament 2004 lol, that’s were the multiplayer maps were just insane nightmares which sent me down a rabbit hole of servers and mods.

You had to be there…

All played on a 56k dialup connection, lol. Do those still work?

I was there for Unreal Tournament and Unreal Tournament 2004. I was making maps and not quite working out how to host them for other people to play without outside help.

Weirdly the level creator tool was all inverted. You didn’t put assets into a blank space to make walls and floors, instead you carved levels out of solid space by deleting voids. It was my first 3D editing/game design and it felt weird then, and it still feels weird now.

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The Norwegian one-handed puzzler is so weird it’s breaking my brain.