GeekNights Tuesday - Meeple Circus

Tonight on GeekNights, we review Cédric Millet's Meeple Circus. It's a stacking dexterity game that doesn't have some of the fundamental problems of games like Villa Paletti or Jenga, and it captures the component stacking ways of basically everyone who's ever played tabletop games.

In the news, Into the Breach shows promise, Overwatch is investing in CTF, and Slay the Spire is already pretty hot. We'll also be live at PAX East 2018!

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Am I the only person of similar age to @SkeleRym and @apreche who hates CTF?

I wouldn’t say I HATE it, but at least in Overwatch it’s roughly my least favorite mode out of all the ones they’ve tried out so far.

I’ve hated it since Tribes, which was kind of a huge bummer for that game because there were never any other modes being played. I loved the game but I always wished people played anything other than 2fort.

I liked it in Tribes, but that’s because the game was practically built around it from the ground up. I don’t mind it as a mode, but you kinda have to at least partially build the game for it, just arbitrarily jamming it into any and every game doesn’t work out.

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