GeekNights Tuesday - Luna (2010)

Tonight on GeekNights, we have another ReviewCon tabletop review with Luna: In the Domain of the Moon Priestess. It's new to us, and it's not bad. If you see it in a convention tabletop library it's definitely worth a play or three.

In the news, there's a Netrunner player casting call in New York, Blizzard escalates its war against toxic players, and Overwatch League sees a sexual assault before it sees its first game. Runic shuts down, Telltale has massive layoffs, and EA kills Visceral, fortelling a dire story for non-loot-box singly player AAA games.

We released both our PAX West 2017 panel - The Rage of the Quitter - and our first new episode of Judge Anime By Its Cover on youtube! We're also on Patreon!

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Someone say… High Priest?

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Luna is very abstract, but it is among the (relatively) short list of Feld games I enjoy. Notre Dame, Bora Bora, and The Castles of Burgundy are forgettable. Roma, Builders Duel, Bruges, and AquaSphere are kind of annoying.

In the Year of the Dragon, Trajan, and Luna are all unique and difficult in a way I enjoy.

Just the review: